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Thread: Does anyone know?

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    Does anyone know?

    If the hotel Place de Armes has a roof top bar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nueromagus
    If the hotel Place de Armes has a roof top bar?

    TERRASSE 701

    To take advantage of the warm summer weather and to get away from the daily grind, go up to the rooftop of the Place d’Armes Hôtel & Suites and experience the beautiful terrace for lunch, a cocktail, or dinner.

    You owe me a drink there.
    Rick: He escaped from a concentration camp and the Nazis have been chasing him all over Europe.
    Renault: This is the end of the chase.
    Rick: 20 thousand francs says it isn't.
    Renault: Make it ten. I am only a poor corrupt official.
    Rick: Louis, whatever gave you the impression that I might be interested in helping Laszlo escape?
    Renault: Because, my dear Ricky, I suspect that under that cynical shell you're at heart a sentimentalist.

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