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Thread: Asking an escort to go out?

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    Asking an escort to go out?


    I am wondering how likely an escort will go out on a date (coffee, movies, resto,etc..) with a client as friends, not client-sevice type of relationship....

    Has any merb member done that before?

    Recently, i have met an escort. I am attracted by her personality, kindness and physically as well. Consequently, i have arranged to meet her more than once within a week. Perhaps she does provide total gfe experience, so i enjoy very much spending time with her.

    i am hoping to ask her out for a casual date as a friend, not client-service type of relationship.
    I dont know if i should do it, because 1st) if she refuses to, then it would be an embarassing situation...and maybe consequently, i may not be able to meet her coz she may even refuses to meet me through the agency
    2nd) even if she does agree to go out, then i dont know if i should even continue to see her through booking with the agency...coz i am considering her as a friend...and i dont want to treat my friend as an escort by banging her and then pay her...that makes our relationship even more confusing...

    so, i am just confused now...has any merb member done that before? any advice?

    thanks all

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    If you're asking for an advice, that's mine here: the best thing you can ask an escort it's to get out...of your room. Period.
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    Escorts are asked to go out all the time, they're used to handle this type of situation, and sometimes they say yes. If you don't ask her, you may regret it.
    And if she says no, just move on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by moliere
    Escorts are asked to go out all the time, they're used to handle this type of situation, and sometimes they say yes. If you don't ask her, you may regret it.
    And if she says no, just move on...
    Yeah... ask her out and be yourself.. and if she says yes then enjoy. but just don't fall in love

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    You're on your way down a very slippery slope, good luck with that.
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    Lightbulb Project your thinking ahead a few years.

    The biggest favour you can do for yourself is not to rationalize. Going out as friends? You want to date her because, for you, the chemistry is strong. Friends is one thing, friends and lovers is something quite different. The slippery slope comment was quite accurate. There are a lot of ifs here. Project how this might play out in the future. Ask yourself if she is really a good risk. Escorts are human and can fall in love but this is not quite like putting the moves on someone at the office. That is not to say that an escort can't make a good wife. But after the initial romance wears off either the feelings go deeper or it is simply a case of , it's not fun anymore so move on. The married lifestyle takes a great deal of commitment. Ask yourself which head you are using to think this through. You have to get out of bed sometime.

    The best case scenario? She is doing this because she really needs the money, maybe has a child and no education, no prospects and wouldn't be doing this if she could find a husband to make it all go away. A few are actually using this to finance their education and can put it all into perspective.

    The worst case scenario, she enjoys the lifestyle, especially the hours and the money. Indeed it is becoming second nature. She has tasted the forbidden fruit so to speak. It's always party time. I hate to tell you which of these scenarios most of the guys here would bet on. Be real sure about this one.
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    Depends on how she feel with you, if you think she "like" you then maybe you would have a chance that she say yes, but remember she is paid to be kind and make you feel good. She is paid for being a GFE, so it may turn out differently than you think. If what you want is truly just a "friend" relationship then i think your chances are not bad, if you have a good chemistry, then why would she not want to be your friend...exept maybe if she dosen't want to mix personal and professional business... but seriously if the relationship of the moment of client/provider is good and that you meet her a lot, i think if she refuse she will do it politely and explain it to you and it won't change the actual relation that much...not on her part i think.
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    Don't do it. Bad idea.

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    I agree with the guys who say to go for it. Any good personal relationship can grow out of a business relationship if the chemistry is there as long as you manage your expectations, which it sounds like you're already doing.

    Life is short. Go for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firewire
    I agree with the guys who say to go for it. Any good personal relationship can grow out of a business relationship if the chemistry is there as long as you manage your expectations, which it sounds like you're already doing.

    Life is short. Go for it
    Please note the SP-Client relationship is not a "standard" business relationship. Same rules do not apply. EOM

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    Don't do it........ The only thing that will motive her to accept to go out with you is the $$$ you gave her and that you will give her again..... Thats it!

    You are attracted by her personality and her kindness but like halloween Mike said, thay are paid to act like this..... If you wanna go out with a woman that don't care about you cause in fact she just "play the game", then lets go.....
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    happyguy, I cannot speak for other ladies but I personally much prefer to keep my professional life and personal life apart. I could be wrong but I am under the impression I am not part of the minority by acting this way.

    There are many reasons why I took that decision but here are a few:

    First of all, there are guys out there who will tell ladies anything they want to hear just to be able to have them for free. When a man I see as an escort tells me he would like me to become his girlfriend, it automatically makes me suspicious. Especially if he has never shown any interest in me besides sex (and it is often the case)!!

    Second, why would I sacrifice the dates I really like as an escort? I did not become an SP to have boring and uncomfortable experiences but to enjoy myself. If I start to date the "clients" I truly appreciate, this means I will eventually deal with a majority of men I do not share a good connection with. No thank you!

    Third, there is often (not all the time though) a difference in liking someone as a "client" and liking someone as a potential lover/boyfriend. Big difference. I am a lot more demanding in my personal life than I am in my professional life.

    Last but not least, I do not want to have a boyfriend. I know for a fact that there is no way I can be an escort and be in a serious relationship with someone. So why would I date anyone? Just to have a "fuck buddy"? I already have many of those and they pay me good money to have fun with them. If I choose someone to be my NSA lover, he better be absolutely great because I am already pretty busy with my "friends with financial benefits".

    I am not saying you should not ask her out. But it is indeed a very delicate situation and there are good chances she will say no. That being said, you never know. Everyone is different. If you really like her, maybe you should give it a try. What is the worst thing that can happen?
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    Avoid!! things will never be the same after that.

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    Avoid! If you are looking for true love or friendship or just regular dating, then there are plenty of regular, civilian woman out there who are also into that. Go for those, not a SERVICE PROVIDER.

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