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Thread: 40th BD Present: make my woman squirt

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    40th BD Present: make my woman squirt

    Ok my female friend is turning 40 this weekend
    Any tips on how to make her squirt?
    Might be open to having some female help if someone can lend a hand/tongue?

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    To go with that, you might think of getting her some power tools also? A percusion drill is always useful around the house!

    I'm joking but, really, you want to give HER a gift or you want to make yourself one? Not squirting doesn't mean not having an orgasm!

    A quick google with keywords ( how-to "make a woman squirt" ) ...

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    Ask Maria Divina or Lilly for pointers, or better yet hire one of them to teach you......or her.

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    Squirt or female ejaculation

    I can make any woman squirt, so long they are relaxed, no fear and no muscles stress at all. You need only 2 fingers, thats it. If she is well relaxed both body and mind, her whole body will shake like a leaf. However, it takes a lot of energy out of her. Give her a lot of water and red bull prior to start. Have her also go and empty her bladder as she will think and she pee on you. But we, guys know its not pee. A thorough massage before this practice to relax her also works like a charm. After a few times of manually doing it to her, eventually she will know her body very well to make herself squirt during intercourse. Not all women are ready for this though. I have accomplished many successful attempts with SP's and MP's. They all left satisfied . .. Even our dear Maria .

    Good luck !
    Me so horny .... .

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    HI there all
    Thanks so much for the suggestions
    Will give it a try this weekend!

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