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Thread: Do you out of town guys pre-book or wing it?

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    Do you out of town guys pre-book or wing it?

    I was planning on flying to Montreal this week for a little big boy fun.
    I travel for business so I rack up the frequent flier miles and hotel points.
    Turns out that booking the flight and room are the easy part.

    I made few inquires to prebook with a couple of ladies that caught my eye, but none are available.
    So I am trying to decide whether to cancel my trip or show up with no plan and just trust that something will work out once I get there.

    I am wondering how others who travel handle this..
    Do you have trouble getting company if you show with something pre-arranged?

    I have spent way to many lonely, boring nights in hotel rooms and don't want another one.

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    I have only been to Montreal four times and I've pre-booked ladies before two of my visits. I have never had a problem finding company during any of my visits to Montreal. During my two trips where I pre-booked ladies for my first day I had several more days to spend in Montreal and there were always plenty of ladies available.

    Although pre-booking may be desirable my experience has been such that I would not hesitate to travel to Montreal without having my company prearranged. In fact some of my best experiences have been with ladies that might not have been my first choice for the evening. For me a little bit of the unknown is part of the fun. It is hard for me to imagine sitting in a hotel room in Montreal and being bored and lonely.

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    honestly freezin, i think prebooking is grossly overrated. alot of times you will get cancelled on, and what happens if you find yourself not feeling well or in the mood that day? there are so many options in montreal that you can go and "wing it" anytime of the year and still have a blast!. good luck

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    I prefer prebooking because I usualy come for one night only and end up having dinner with friends, or going shopping. For that reason, I prefer being all set before I get to Montreal. I also prefer girls early in the shift, for me it's hard to shake the image of what another guy (or guys) were doing just before me. Also, they are less likely to be late. But it's tricky sometimes, some agencies will promise a girl and then just hope she will show up that day as asked. Some agencies allow you to prebook through the website but don't get back to you. Happened to me just this week with Chloe's Playground. In terms of prebooking, nobody beats Billy or Jessy/Peter.

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    Thanks for the advice guys.
    The weather forecast predicts rain this weekend... so hopefully, I have something better to look at than cable TV.


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    I don't pre-book.

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    I always pre-book but I generally choose to see Indy's or use high end agencies that are reliable on pre-bookings like FKS or MGF. One of the reasons I decided early on not to use the $160 to $200 agencies was because they either don't take pre-bookings very far in advance or are so unreliable with actually delivering the right girl that it's a waste of time. I'm picky and I like to repeat with favourites.

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    I usually prebook...but it doesn't always work out, so I would recommend being prepared to wing it if you have to. The problem with prebooking is that women get sick, don't show up that day, get their period early, forget, find someone who books them for six hours hours and thus pretend to be sick for your appointment, and on and on.

    There are so many good reputable agencies in MTL that I would not be concerned about going home with a case of blueballs if you don't prebook. I've had good luck prebooking with Montreal Sex City. Some agencies don't even book in advance.

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    I'm a winger, and I haven't had an issue getting service. If you use agencies that cater to wingers and call them soon enough after they post their rosters on MERB, you shouldn't have a problem. Even if you're a late arrival, there will usually be girls who have unexpectedly signed-on to work after the rosters have gone up.

    As a group (with some notable individual exceptions), escorts aren't the most reliable people when it comes to sticking to a regimented work schedule. If you pre-book with an agency girl, don't hold your breath. If you prefer to pre-book, you'd probably have better luck with an independant IMHO. I once prebooked with an independant three weeks in advance and was pleasantly surprised that she showed-up as scheduled. I'd be surprised if an agency could deliver someone who was scheduled that far in advance, especially considering the turnover at agencies.

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    I usually prebook the one or two girls that I am most intent on seeing and wing it for the rest.

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    I pre book all the time but it's not 100% effective. Mostly because of the girls and not the agencies. Some agencies have the schedule posted for the week but the girls often times will not show up. What I like to do is pre book my favorites and take my chances on what's available when I get there. I haven't really found a better way to do it.

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    I have done it both ways with varying degrees of success. In the past, I saw an independent, who I always pre-booked. Most of the time she would show up on time, but at least once per year she would not show up - no phone call, no text, nothing- and then you have to either scramble for a replacement or just forego any fun that night. I have found that certain agencies are better for pre-booking than others. I won't name them, because I don't want to be called a shill.
    As a practice though, I usually pre-book someone who is on my TDL the 1st night of my trip and then wing it for the rest of my stay. That way I don't get shut out if I get delayed at the border.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possum Trot View Post
    One of the reasons I decided early on not to use the $160 to $200 agencies was because they either don't take pre-bookings very far in advance or are so unreliable with actually delivering the right girl that it's a waste of time.
    The first part of this statement is mostly true. The second part of the statement, vis a vis delivering the wrong girl, is never a worry if you deal with reputable agencies, which most all of those who advertise on this board are.
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    I havent been to Montreal in 2010 yet but when I go I really prefer to pre-book. I have had pretty good luck with Eleganza by calling them Monday afternoon. However, half the fun is getting here logging in and seeing who is on tonight and then calling the agencies and trying to book those hotties. I miss this. Another thing I do is if I get good service from an agency I will tend to stick to that agency until I get less than desirable service (the girl is substandard or extremely late etc.). When this happens I go to the next agency and will tend to stick with them until they give me reason go elsewhere.

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    I wing it because my visits are usually so chaotic that I only know when I coming and when I am leaving.

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