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Thread: WOP and Keeping Girls

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    WOP and Keeping Girls

    Generally I keep certain agencies because I arrived late and leave early. Eleganza, SD, MSC are not accepting anymore appointments and only few agencies open late WOP amoung them. The problem I have had with WOP is the girls on online and I enjoy them and then poof.

    Last month there was Fanny. This month Eva was on the schedule for a week and had one incredible hot session with her...gone. Now Stacey is gone too.

    WOP does not appear to be able to keep their girls. I will search for Fanny, Eva, and Stacey but damn they were hot and notable.

    Just venting

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    Quote Originally Posted by itravelcanada View Post
    WOP does not appear to be able to keep their girls
    I don't understand your complaint.

    If the girls left WOP to join another agency, who cares why, you'll just see them at the new agency... if the girls leave the business, for whatever reason, what would you have WOP do?

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    Voyager, I think his complaint is that WOP's schedule fits his schedule, where the other agencies' schedules may not fit his schedule, because in itravelcanada's post he says that he arrives late and leaves his hotel early. WOP is open to 4 am or 5 am. It probably has nothing to do with WOP. I see that many girls jump around for one reason or the other.

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    Sounds like someone is doomed to a life of variety.

    While some agencies might have higher turnover than others, I think they all have fairly high turnover. It's the nature of the business. Even if the lady doesn't reappear at a different agency, look on the bright side: maybe she found a different calling. Such was the case with one lady who worked at a different agency who I would have repeated with. I miss her, but I'm glad for her.

    On a separate but related note, I've always generally wondered a bunch of things about turnover at agencies. For instance, for those girls who adapt to the job, how long do they work on average before they leave for good? Of those who leave for good, how many return to the biz at least once? What percentage of new hires develop cold feet on their first appointments and decide it's not for them? What percentage of debutantes last a week, month, year? I guess you could also ask similar questions about hobbyists (I made it through my first year).

    While I'm sure agencies would like to keep most of their girls for as long as they can steadily book them, I'm not so sure they lose much sleep over the high turnover because high turnover means a constant infusion of fresh meat and fresh meat sells. Only a handful of SPs are OMG quality (the holy trinity: looks, service, and attitude), so if an owner loses one of his run-of-the-mill girls, it's not necessarily going to be difficult to find another run-of-the-mill girl as a replacement. Losing an OMGSP, though, could be quite a hit, so I'd conjecture that owners do what they can to keep them happy (i.e. priority booking, select clients, bigger cut, more flexible schedule, etc.), but again, there aren't that many of them.

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