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  • yes, i love it when an SP wears nylons (stockings, pantyhose, fishnets, etc)

    33 52.38%
  • No, I don't like that shit

    18 28.57%
  • makes no difference to me

    12 19.05%
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Thread: POLL: nylon or not on your SP's?????

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    POLL: nylon or not on your SP's?????

    I was just wondering if I'm the only male nylon-lover on this message board???

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    I know a several SPs that wear nylons, this realy puts something special and extra into the encounter. There are some SPs that wear nylons and sexy underthings, but why bother if it is the $9.95 special at Zellers!
    I even know of a MP that wears sexy underthings for her regular clients. She usualy wears a skirt for her regulars (pants for the others guys) and she puts on a pair of the pantyhose style nylons that are open in the front, back and sides. She usualy has a pair of thongs on to limit access, but it still makes for a very exiting session.

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    I usually request that the SP wear lingerie, ie bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Lotsa fun gettin them off!

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    Short skirt, g-string, halter-top. Nothing beats sitting on the sofa and running my hand up her bare leg.

    Of course, that's applicable in warmer weather.

    If a woman wears pantyhose/stockings in the winter for practical purposes, that's perfectly understandable.
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    Great taste indeed!!
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    I love a long sexy black evening gown with a nice white or black G-string on a tanned body with black nylons & a garter belt.

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    to bad your over my my $ limit miss nik cause id really love to have you. i just love a women who knows how to dress for a man. there nothing better to see then a nice pair of female legs in some nice nylons. again to bad your over my $ limit.
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    Nylons are in the lead by a fied goal at 18-15!!!!!!!!!

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