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Thread: Where do younger asians hang out?

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    Where do younger asians hang out?

    Other than China Town where the older generation of asians hang out, where can I meet young asians? Any asian bars and clubs? btw I'm new to Montreal

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    I have to say that I was in Kim Phat on Jerry and there lots of young Chinese women and they all seem to be looking, minus the ones with their boyfriends.

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    Easy, find out when the next Asian party is and bingo!!! Asian gold mine.

    Sometimes there are posters up in Chinatown annoucing the next Asian party usually during long weekends.

    Make asian friends so that you're in the loop of where they hang out.

    Check out the Bubble Tea places in Chinatown, young asians hang out there all the time.

    Hang out in front of the Chinese school saturday afternoon next to the Palais and see them come out when class is done.

    Try the Karaoke bar on St Catherine, Cresent, and Mackay. Owned by asians for asians.

    Join the YMCA downtown and start playing badminton with them, asians love badminton.

    Tonic in the Pepsi forum. Owned by asians and naturally there is an asian following that goes there.
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    "By Asians for Asians." If my understanding is correct, that means everything will be in Chinese, Korean, Japanese... I don't mind that their music could be in their native languages and stuff like that, but how good are their English or French? That's probably the most important thing to us and I suspect that it could be an issue for us.

    Also, it is probably less trendy now with hifi spots everywhere, but you can add the internet/gaming cafes. The English universities surroundings are probably still a safe bet too.
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    Try the Casino

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    i think tonic attracts alot of young asians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ten Steps View Post
    i think tonic attracts alot of young asians.
    Depending on the night, its true... But isn t this place close or about to close ?

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    I'm more interested to know .....

    Where does Samy hang out?
    Me so horny .... .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samy View Post
    Depending on the night, its true... But isn t this place close or about to close ?

    well hello there, samy , hope you're well! honestly, have no idea if they're closing lol. however, i'll be sure to check out those other clubs you've mentioned in the young francophone thread.

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    hahahahaha Ted2005 !!!! Well Im such a good girl , Library is where I hang out ! pfff lol

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    Hello to the absolutely gorgeous Samy, I remember you, also nice to hear from you, hope all is well which I'm sure it is.

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