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Thread: Tall and Slim Women wanted

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    Cool Tall and Slim Women wanted

    Hi everyone,

    Quite new to the Montreal scene, I just got here from being in Europe a few years. I am looking for some massage hostesses, but especially tall and slim women. And if the stars are with me, they would have a beautiful butt and some nice 32C!!!!!!

    But let's start with the tall and slim... After all, when I really want to, I can be a reasonable man!

    If you have any suggestions, I would be very grateful!

    All the best to you and have fun!!!

    Yours truly...

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    I am not hiring. I am looking for girls who are tall and slim in massage parlors in Montreal. I am asking for suggestion fron the members as to who to see, who they would recommend!

    Can you put me back in the Massage section please. Thank you.

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