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Thread: The Importance Of Good Sex In Young Couples Staying Together

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    The Importance Of Good Sex In Young Couples Staying Together

    We all know when you get older sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship.

    But when your young and sexually charged it seems to be the deal breaker in a relationship thats going to work out long term or it's just not meant to be. I've heard from several girls in their mid twenties say that how a man performs in bed will determine if they want to stay with the guy or not. Of course as a woman ages this thought process changes from how big your johnson is to how big your wallet is.

    I just find this disturbing, and thank god for SPs. How do you get to Carnegie Hall?....practice, practice, practice.

    When I meet that girl, I'm DAMN sure gonna make sure she's satisfied!
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    I think good sex is as important for middle-aged couples to stay together.

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    Well said Doc and it goes both ways. If a woman is not a good kisser and doesn't do cimws then she has no chance with me long term. Like it or not sexual gratification is an important part in any relationship and that's why communication is essential. You have to be able to share all your nasty thoughts with your significant other or you end up in hobby land,lol.We've all probably had the expereience of getting along great with a woman only to be disappointed when the action began. I can tell by the first dfk whether there is real chemistry and if not I don't waste anybody's time and I move on.

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