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Thread: The change of dynamic between client and escort

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    The change of dynamic between client and escort

    I'm sure the subject as already been discuss here but I could find it. And I'm not exactly sure what I'm asking so, here I go.

    I'm seeing an escort quite regularly for the last few month. We are having a great time and I think we are more on a friendly level with each other.

    While talking with each other I learn that she as started a new job elsewhere(nothing in the sex work field). Since then she as stopped seeing other client because most of the time it doesn't work out with her schedule or they chicken out. The usual I guess. But most of the time, when I contact her we can work it out to see each other. When we meet it last longer than the "planned time". Not that we say how long we want it to go, we mostly go with the flow.

    Last time we meet through the conversation she said we could meet sometime and it wouldn't cost me a thing. I'm not unhappy about that but at the same time while there is cash going the line between the two of us is pretty while defined : I'm the client, she's the escort. Nothing more, nothing less.

    But if we stop doing that, as much as I like having sex with her and she's quite nice. I can't imagine having a relationship boyfriend/girlfriend with her. I could see a fuckfriend/friend relationship but nothing more than that. Nothing against her I just don't think we have that kind of connection. For everyone information I'm single so on that side there nothing stopping me from anything.

    So what's your take on the situation? Does anyone had a similar experience before?

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    In my head
    you may be reading too much into her offer...
    "we could meet sometime and it wouldn't cost me a thing" does not sound to me like regular dating. She may just be bored and she may simply want you to take her out - which, by the way, will not be a total freebie....dinner, wine, drinks, etc...
    On the other hand, you also may enjoy the change of scenery... seeing her across the table in a nice restaurant, sharing a nice bottle of wine...might be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by longseek View Post
    Does anyone had a similar experience before?
    Twice. The first one said it but it never happened. After calling her 3 times and having some pm exchange, I felt uncomfortable and told her that if she wants to get out or have sex with me she should call me next time. She did not. With the second one we went out to restaurants (for witch she paid) and cinema and we had sex on a few occasions. But sex rapidly got boring. We stayed friend and see each other once in a while but we stopped sex.

    I think that when retiring, some girls unconsciously want some of their clients to remember them not as prostitutes but as "good persons".

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    It hapened once that an escort asked me to take her out
    So i agreed but at the condition everithing would be halh and half
    one hour before the date she text me to let me know that something just happened and that she could'nt make it
    I called her a few time after that but now sheseemed to be just orianted tward's buisness


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    In my head
    jeez...half and half!!??
    what happened to good old gallantry and taking a woman out for a nice "romantic" evening...??
    Come on, guys!?!

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    You are faking yourself out. See her as a fuck friend, as you want to do. Afterwards, if she wants to or asks you to, go out with her to a restaurant as a friend, nothing more. Shoot the breeze like you would with any female friend. If you over analyze this, you will scare her away. She did not say you have to be her boyfriend and take her out on date, just meet her place or your place and fuck her.

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    Maybe an open discussion with her would clear things up for both of you.
    With a bit of luck, you may both be looking for the same thing.

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    From what I read it sounds like you are a preferred customer. There are some escorts and strippers that have preferred customers. Like any customer relationship the SP will give to get a lot more. Even in many business where an agent attends to the needs of customers whether it be sales, computer sometimes they will have dinner with their customers. I would not think too much about it or over analyze things. Go with the flow and most importantly have fun. It is still possible for things to grow beyond the customer relationship but those are exceptions.
    There is no knowledge that is not power.

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    I met with one, and she was quite hot. She asked me what I was doing afterwards that evening, and that she felt like going out. She gave me her personal cell number, and told me to call her if I felt like hanging. She did mention that she would have liked to get a room. It was very tempting, however I could not risk the possibility of being seen by someone I know. Also, I like the fact that after a session is done, I go back to my normal life, with no risk of getting an unexpected text or phone call.

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    I am probably overanalyzing thing. It's what I usually do. I'm not too worried of meeting someone I know where I live, that would be quite surprising for me. She's more likely to meet someone she know. I'll see how it goes.
    But I do know of someone who did a bad choice and did go out with an escort. The aftermath wasn't pretty and that's why I'm a little bit warry. Still the personanality of everyone is different so maybe it's a moot point.

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    I'm still not sure on how thing will develop. I'll see when I get there. Still I believe it's time to open up the subject a little bit.

    A few of you have stated that they did experience a change in the relation between the sex worker and the client. What did happen and how it's going now? I would also like to have the take from the lady's on the board.

    Those of you doing long term meeting like going on vacation with a sex worker or passing a whole day or weekend, why do it?

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    I went out with a few girls in the sex industry and here is my take on this.

    First, go with the flow and ride the wave while you can. If you can get sex for free or even have fun around town with a hot looking girl then why not?

    Secondly, never get involved emotionally with an escort. Let her make the move first. If she's interested in a more serious relation, then she'd have to stop escorting (Thats how I see it anyway. I wouldn't get myself in a "serious" relationship with a girl working as an escort).

    Finally, don't be a puppy. Don't drool over the girl and give the impression that she can make you do whatever she wants. Make her work for your attention. Don't accept everyhing from her and don't pay for everything either. Treat her like a regular girl that you would have met and your chances of being rewarded will be greater.

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    usually SP's will continue to see their low-maintenance clients...the ones who dont get too clingy, obsessed/stalker like, make her feel like she can come n go or cancel as they please.

    yeah, dont read too much and mess up a good thing if it is one.

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    Chaaa-Ching!!!! Congratulations Longseek!!!! I think she likes your Lonfellow! This happens to me every once in awhile....Once in the US and twice in developing nations. It seems to happen when I click with an SP and she wrongl suspects I have a lot of money. These two things need to happen. I say take advantage of it and try to contain your emotions a bit. You have needs and she has needs. Her needs used to be fullfilled with 180$/hour + your company but if she is willing to give you a freebie why question it? Maybe it is like the punch card at your favorite restaurant or sandwich shop? 9 sessions and the 10th session is on the house?

    Anyone have any evidence of an SP in Montreal going fatel attraction on her favorite client? I think this is more of a developing nation or Brasileira kind of thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HG Hunter View Post
    Maybe an open discussion with her would clear things up for both of you.
    With a bit of luck, you may both be looking for the same thing.
    Noooo!!! No open discussion is needed beyond your place or mine or neutral turf. And report back here!

    Do not look a gift in the Mouth!!!!!

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