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Thread: Review or not, here I come, you can't hide.

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    Review or not, here I come, you can't hide.

    "Ready Or Not, Here I Come, You Can't Hide
    Gonna Find You and Take it Slowly
    Ready Or Not, Here I Come, You Can't Hide
    Gonna Find You and Make you want me."

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    Based on an earlier discussion, I'm interested to know how frequently you rely on existing reviews versus your own gut feeling and desire to discover the next hidden gem out there.

    To answer my own question, I can say that I've relied on reviews to get me specific services in the past or to validate a temptation I had. On the other hand, I also have an adventurous side and I sometimes feel like trying a girl who hasn't been reviewed.

    Deep inside though, I feel more satisfied finding a quality girl who has no review then to simply validate a girl with excellent reviews.

    So what type are you? A sure shot type of guy or an adventurer?

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    I would guess I'm about 75% a sure shot kind of guy. I have had ladies with glowing reviews give mediocre service and have had excellent service from ladies with no reviews or I didn't take the time to read them. When plans A, B, C, and D fall in the dumpster, you just have to do the best you can with what is available. More often than not it turns out that the evening was salvaged. Most of the time even bad sex is still pretty good.
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    I have had mixed results with well-reviewed ladies, although it also true that I originally selected some of may favs because they had been very well reviewed, and some of my favs were originally replacements because the ladies I selected were not available. However, selecting a well-reviewed lady does not guarantee a good session, since it often comes down to chemistry and connection, which cannot be predicted based on reviews alone. Nevertheless, reviews are important to me in selecting a lady and, personally, a large part of doing one's homework prior to selecting a lady consists of reading her reviews. Reviews may be more useful in terms of helping to avoid bad encounters than ensuring good ones, but to ignore reviews entirely essentially means you are TOFTT every time you visit a new lady. I guess I'm not really the TOFTT type of guy, although I have considered doing so from time to time, just for variety, and for the sense of adventure.

    Speaking to a lady over the telephone prior to an appointment is probably the best way to predict whether you will "click" with her in person. However, it is not a guarantee, and even in the case of Indys, a lot of the ladies make pre-arrangements via email only and not via phone. And first telephone conversations with an escort are often too stressful to be of much use as a means of determining whether there is a connection or not. The bottom line for me is that reviews remain an essential element of selecting a lady, but are in no way a guarantee of success.

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    I suppose at this point in time you could call me an adventurer. Two factors are the reason for this. I'm new to this so I don't really have a strong trusted network of contacts to guide me. Second, many of the women I wish to see have very little or even nothing at all written about them. I've started to try and backtrack through the two review boards I'm a member of and see which members have had similiar experiences to the ones I've had over time. I hope that I can strike up a good sharing relationship with likeminded people if ever I decide to make this a long term lifestyle.

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    I’m mostly impulsive, but reviews are important to avoid serious mistakes. I like the thrill of meeting someone for the first time and not knowing exactly what it’s going to be like. Like Picasso said: “You have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it should be a vague idea.”

    I’m pretty easy to please anyway, so I never had a really bad experience so far .
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    The Way I proceed

    Well I don't know for you guys but I think money is enough hard like to earn so since I have a fairly small amount of money for hobbying. I tend to want to maximize it.

    So I have became less and less impulsive. My impulsivity has been replaced by a high level of planification. Now I mostly prebook and I also deal with girls that have only

    very positive review, the sp's that i deal with have also at least few reviews. I would really to have a part of my hobbying that is more adventurous though right now I want

    to be sure of what i'm doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sergejean View Post
    ...Based on an earlier discussion, I'm interested to know how frequently you rely on existing reviews versus your own gut feeling and desire to discover the next hidden gem out there.
    So what type are you? A sure shot type of guy or an adventurer?
    i've been thinking about this recently... luckily sergejean already has this thread.

    everytime i return from a break (a few months away from hobbying), i turn to reviews to ensure i have a good session or five before i go into search mode to discover my own gems or just explore the market.

    if i've been hobbying regularly, i tend to go off the beaten path and explore girls with limited reviews or none at all. i might still mix in a session with a well reviewed SP but that's the exception when i'm booking sessions regularly.

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    I tend to TOFTT team often, so really don't rely on reviews very much. There usually are none. Sometimes a review comes out that is positive or negative and does affect my decisions on whether I will see a girl or not. Someone was off my radar and a review convinces me to take another look, or someone was on my TDL and an early review scares me off. Mostly the former scenario.

    Delta or Cloudsurf tend to see some girls very early, so they can be quite helpful. In general, the owner's recommendations and my intuition, guide me on who to see.

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    If the reviews are overwelmingly bad then I will avoid.

    But if a girl has so so reviews I will still probably see her as I believe that her first impression of you and how you approach her will determine if she will give you a good session.
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    Everytime i go to montreal is a deep planification... i guess im just too restrictive, but i select mostly girls that do CIM/COF, so its important to know the services and all, then being not your good looking average guy, i try to avoid picky ladies. Maybe its in my head but if Cim is described (at her discretion) i don't take them... Even tough i had ladies offering me there @ her discretion options a couple time... And i avoid the ones that are badly reviewed. Of course 1 or 2 bad reviews on 10 will no affect my choice, but a 50/50 will certainly be a big factor.

    Of course if the hotel was paid and its either i see a back up plan or loose it, i will accept the back up plan. Sometimes it can turn wonderfull, sometimes it can be just what you taugh... nothing special. I never got down to calling a news paper agency tough... i stick to MERB ONLY. I rather loose my hotel room than be the victim of a B&S crap or false description.

    But im one of those "i consider myself lucky to be able to hobby" cause i have very payments and some situation that help. Yet i manage to do it not as often as i would like so i try to maximize every ocasion... I know some of you guys are very conformtable business man, and picking a girl at the end of the week is like for me buying a 6 pack at the store, so would i be in that situation, i would TOFTT a lot ... LOL

    Hey guys, i promise you, if i win the lotto, i will try and review every escorts avalaible on MERB... LOL
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