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Thread: Sarah bernard is thankfull!

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    sarah bernard
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    Oct 2010

    Sarah bernard is thankfull!

    To you all dear gentlements!

    This board is ofthen critisise but this board is a very great board and we are lucky to have one like this in montreal.
    easy to use by users, members and providers it is a great tolls for all of us in the bizz.

    i really had a great time experimenting this one year evasion and as much as i am thankfull to those mans that permited me to succesfully provide my kids and myself a very better quality of life.
    Since my dear friend Passionate (my great!!!) put my first review, my SP reality changed for the best!
    This is all the importance of puting reviews on this board.
    Please stay honest and stay away of the tentation of shilling!!!

    asking a hobbyist for a review, when it come from the SP herself, is not a shilling act if the women you met did a satysifying (and more) job!
    This is the demand of a ambitious women that need recognition to upgrade her clientele and whant to be recognise in a job thas is hard to execute whit professionalist and totally gift of itself.
    Passionate reviews changed my LIFE!!!!And all of you that did it then xoxoxoxoxo
    I suddenly was recognised an valorised in a really big decision in my struggeling reality.
    most of the man i met then, where respectable, succesfull, educated and sophisticated mans.

    you gents brought back my feminity!
    You gave me the feeling of being a princess.
    And that because i was in totally agreement and peace whit this job, i ones choose.
    You got needs, fanmtasies and life happen just once!
    I thank you to stay sexually vigourus mans....that go upfront whit your desire.
    Because in so many ways....when you it the wright sexual get a woman crazy!

    Sarah B.

    :deadhorse:PS: But dont touch kids are ill kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont regret my experience at all!

    now that my situation is better and breathable it is time to reuse this wonderfull organ we call brain! :D
    i have confidence in my intern quality to go back in ''regular'' life and win succes in it!

    I am the mother of tree wonderfull children that would be chooke by the reality of their mom being a SP.
    I am a guide to them and i have to show them that even sometime you have to take extreme decisions...
    this a personnal value of me and i dont juge any other point of view.

    You can change the reality of this BIZZ by always keep in mind that every women in this industry is a very couragus one.
    Sp's are sex workers, sex therapist and intertainement specialists.
    They are sealing one hour ( and more) of their life for you own pleisure, most of them are dedicated to that.
    Good SP really enjoy what they are living whit you, they are (rare) women that enjoy TRULY sex and its numberus experimentations.
    They have a wonderfull exploding sexuality.

    Those women should be taking care of...they or jewels in this grey world, they are partners of youre fantasies and you needs.

    i am returning to my one only personnality.
    i am SINGLE :eyebrows::cool:
    i am as open minded to have fun.

    but i am not a SP no more.

    love for ever xxx

    Sarah Bernard
    To the Universe ..........and beyond!
    Buzz Lightyear

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    One of the old guys
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    Sep 2003
    Eastern Canada
    I want to wish you the very best, dear Sarah. It was wonderful to finally get to meet you!

    Je te souhaite la meilleur des chances dans tes projets futurs, et le plus important, du bonheur.


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    Good luck Sarah.
    It was truly a pleasure to have met you.

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    May 2003
    Red Sox Nation
    Best of luck in your future Sarah. I never had the pleasure to meet you but from what you've just written you have proven that you are a pretty special lady.

    All the best and be well,

    Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction) English, motherfu*ker, do you speak it?

    Typical Yankee fan in the Merb Sports Section!! Bwwaahh.

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    Respect & Honour
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    On The Front lines
    I was lucky enough to just catch you at the end, a few months ago. You seem like a very kind and genuine soul and I'm sure you will be a success in whatever you choose! Good luck to you

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    Good Luck Miss ;-)

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    I'll never forget the time you walked in wearing a trench coat and surprised me by taking it off and you weren't wearing anything but panties, with stockings and a garter belt.............ahhhh the memories.

    I had a great time with you those couple of times that I met you. You're a sweet soul. I wish you nothing but the best, sexy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nylonlover View Post
    I'll never forget the time you walked in wearing a trench coat and surprised me by taking it off and you weren't wearing anything but panties, with stockings and a garter belt..
    WOW!! I fantasize about an encounter like that. I truly regret I never had an opportunity to meet this lady.
    Best of Luck SB

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    May 2003

    Thank you for taking the time to write your passionate and heartfelt good-bye! I am glad I got a chance to meet you. And,yes,I would never have taken the chance without the fine reviews you received over the years from a variety of MERB member. So thank you MERB-ites too.

    Very Best Wishes on the next stage of your life. And thanks again, Sarah, for sharing so much!


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    Our very best wishes,

    I must say that i very much liked one of the phrases written in your goodbye message. YOU CAN ALWAYS RISE UP AND BUILD ALL OVER AGAIN! It is very true, and might in someway be inspiring to many of us!!

    We wish you the very best of luck and especially success in which ever road you are now prepared to take,

    Daniel and the lust team

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    Hope you have a better life. One you will not regret to live and be able to bless your children.

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    Nice letter Sarah, you obviously have a lot of class. Best of luck, I am sure you will do well.

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    sarah bernard
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    Oct 2010
    to al swingners i have something on the fetish thread!!!
    To the Universe ..........and beyond!
    Buzz Lightyear

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    Kansas Frank

    Thumbs up

    Dear Sarah,

    You are a wondeful person and a great mother. We never met, but I wish we did. I met a few moms from whom I received the best all around GFE encounters; those ladies were some of the nicest people I ever met.

    I'm very happy that Canada permits women and men to perform sex work. I'm happy you regained your femanity. May you be successful in your future endeavors.

    People use different organs to make a living. Some use their brain and others use their brute strength to earn a living, but it's all the same -- we work for someone else. For me, I prostitute my brain to make my living.

    You should be proud and hold your head up high because being an SP is no different than being a medical doctor, psycho therapist, attorney, etc.


    Quebec (I mean Kansas) Frank

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    Never met you Sara, but you obviously have a lot of class and I wish you well. You've reinforced my belief that banging a young woman for cash is another perverted form of philathrophy.

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