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Thread: Dentil hygenist

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    Dentil hygenist

    I'm looking for a sloppy dental hygenist who's not shy to rub up against me when need be while doing my teeth.

    Same with a barber. I'm not talking about some sort of freaky barber in Laval. I'm talking about a nice young farm-girl type barber girl who isn't a body prude and will lean her breasts against your chest once in a while when she needs to get to a part of the head that needs cutting, shaving, teasing, dyeing, or whatever it takes for me to get that sorta contact.

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    I knew a dental assistant that use to hold my hand and bring it up to her busom. She liked to let me look down her blouse and up her skirt while she sat provocatively on her dental stool. She would brush up on my arm and hand with her body, sometimes even rubbing her crotch on my knuckles.
    I would tell you which dentist office she works at, but I can not be sure if she is still there, sinceit was so long ago. I also suspect she reserved these special "treatments" for young innocent adolescent boys, so she could sadisticly induce an erection in them while they were getting dental treatments.

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