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Thread: Review Sniping: Attempts to Alter, Bash, or Question Review Motives and Facts.

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    Review Sniping: Attempts to Alter, Bash, or Question Review Motives and Facts.

    Hello all,

    This is a PRIVATE poll. It is also MULTIPLE CHOICE to choose only where appropriate.

    NOTICE: No names of agencies, escorts, other members or any other sexual service entities are permitted. Please make all statements about your experiences without making direct accusations against anyone.

    REASON: I wrote a mixed incall review of an escort five days ago. In short, everything about the lady physically was extremely appealing, but the "service" was below par. Not 10 minutes after posting it I received a PM. Without revealing the details or name, generally the sender was critical, wondering why I posted it. None of the facts I wrote in the review were disputed, in fact, a very well respected member verified a similar experience. I responded basically, it's an honest factual review.

    I found it a bit incredible that after all of my usually positive reviews, with some minor criticisms, that one of my few more critical reviews was questioned almost instantly. Instead of reacting angrily about this intrusion I've allowed some time to think about whether to make notice of this disconcerting contact. In view of the recent thread focusing on our own responsibility for raising rates, this critical private contact had me wondering how often others have tried to influence reviews by trying to have them altered, questioning integrity, or generally bashing the review. How much of this sort of interference with what is written or the writing of reviews has been attempting to influence what you write, and thus also affecting escort rates???

    Let me acknowledge that whatever someone one else may do to influence a review, it is the writer's responsibility for letting that influence affect the honest character and facts of the review. Still, the fact that there is influence that can be variously described as inappropriate, manipulative, or self-serving, etc., is another important factor in the rates we clients pay.

    How much of this is going on against your honest and factual reviews?


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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot View Post
    "Anyone who is afraid of a response on the internet to an anonymous handle doesn't need to rent pussy. He is one." --anon_vlad
    I don't know... some pussies can really take a pounding

    On my first review some troublemaker with even less posts then me tried to discredit me. But he did the same with many people reviewing the same agency. Apart from that its been quite positive.

    Maybe it would be more useful for people to say how often it happenend, because I'm sure it must happen to almost everyone at least once.
    “Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love.”

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    I remember one occaision where someone had written a negative review weeks after I had written a glowing review about the same girl. I was overcome by a strong urge to send a PM or respond in the thread on the girls behalf. I remember thinking how could this guy have such an awful time with her after I had just experienced the time of my life with her!
    somehow I even felt a little guilt as if I led the hobbyist astray.

    The truth is that it is probably near impossible to turn in a 9-10 performance night after night, trick after trick. Also, we all have different tastes and needs and sometimes the client and SP just do not click.

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    Merlot, don't worry, I also have a box full of her annoying PMs. One of these days I'm going to sacrifice and book her just to give her a cum shower she will never forget.

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