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Thread: How the reviews of Female Merbite be....

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    Talking How the reviews of Female Merbite be....

    Hi Merbites,
    recently i ran through the story of a gal Karen on her escapades with her friends...
    Now I am curious to know what will be the review style of Female Merbites in this forumn....are there anyone...any thoughts...

    googlw for 'karen-f-owen'

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    Lily from Montreal
    Only review I had occasion to make I had to refuse the girl because it was bait and switch loll but for sure the day I find my elusive redhead I fantasize about I would not write the play by play...some review are very detailed and leaves little to the imagination, for me it a bit too much info, I guess I am not into erotica novel? loll
    What I look for in review is if the lady looks like she advertise , if she is reliable and overall if the meeting was a good experience...

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    I'm not sure how different reviews from a woman would be or if there would be any differences however I'd love to see more women posting their encounters. I'm guessing reviews by women will be as varied as those from guys. Some guys love writing about the passion of the moment while others like myself want to report facts and opinions.

    bottomline, let's hear from female clients.

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    Karen Owen is one of the most recognizable face on the Internet now. Her family must be relieved that she graduated. And I would surely not walk on campus if I were her. The news travelled all the way to Korea.

    I wonder where she intends to do her internship and start dating again (now called subjects of her study). With this new instructional presentation, a subject would measure their Mr. D size before sleeping with her and score brownie points by calling her the next day. Perhaps her exploit are unusual: having sex on Subject No. 4 couch and in the library to performing on the balcony in the cold. Some subjects had a quickie and another guy had sexting sessions lasting for days.

    Where is the controversy? In the rating system or that Max Tucker is a hero with a book and a movie? (Max kept his dates private and not opens himself to civil litigation.)
    She objectifies her subjects: scored based on length, performance, and body image with full name and FB face pictures and ranked on a bar graph. So as the men who slept with her: they use her as their object of their satisfaction. This is something frat boys do it all the time. Zuckerberg uses a face-rating system available to the public.
    What members here used to use as rating system: body-type, age, clothing, oral skills, allowed extra acts, location neatness or on-time presence. This shows the other side of the fence: dick size, body, sexy voice and sex acts.

    Maybe it is amusing and entertaining and what used to be private is out in to the public view. It is not new. You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again written in 1996 and republished in 2006 details a lot more of the high class call girls and ordinary housewives with celebrities - mostly based on Hollywood. Of course, there is no backlash by the stars because nobody wants to attract attention on their sex acts. Jack Nicholson likes golden shower. Hasselhoff sucks in bed due to his size. George Harrison gets serviced anywhere.

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