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Thread: 100$ extra for an escort because i am black

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    100$ extra for an escort because i am black

    i was wondering guys if you think i should pay an extra 100$ for an escort because i am black. i called up an agency, because theres a couple of girls that i really want to see. i always ask if any of their girls see black guys. the answer was yes, but i had to pay an extra $100 so i was wondering if you think this right,because i really want to see these girls and i do have the money to pay.but before i decide i want your guys advice

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    Personally if I were you I'd post the identity of the agency and the two girls then give all three a really big FUCK YOU!
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    I agree with G1GBallday. While we do support the right of choice here on MERB we do not support what equates to racial extortion. If you wish to identify the agency concerned, I have no objections.


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    Not worth the money, you'll probably get crappy service anyways because they really don't want to see you and the extra money is the only reason why.
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    everything was done by e-mail, and i was so mad that i deleted the e-mail, so im having my friend who is computer technician coming over to see if he can retrieve it. if he does then i will post the e-mail plus the name of the agency. if he cant then i wont get into he said he said argument.

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    Even if you deleted the email, there are two places you should be able to find it: the trash and your sent mail folder. I, too, would like to know who to make sure never gets a nickel from me.
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    Right there with you too as well....

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    Definitely not. 2012 and this crap is still going on, just sad, and sorry you had to go thru this. Btw, are they a MERB advertiser?

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    Recently, one of my friends called up an sp from a popular agency & after he opened the door, the girl walked in & told him had he been a black guy, she would have immediately turned around & left.

    Being asian, maybe the booker detected from his accent that he may be black & had warned the girl about the possibility of her client being black. Who knows.

    My friend told me that this was the first time ever that a girl had ever told him this.

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    This is an important topic and could become a hot thread, so I felt it would be better served by being moved to the lounge. I hope it wasn't one of our advertisers.

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    thanks for the supports guys i was disappointed in what i heard that i went on sp and mp spree. it happened two days ago so i took the money that i was going to use and went to see amanda and karesse at sublime spa, one girl one cote des neiges, one on queen mary and finally the beautiful samia. the reason why i called this certain agency is because i knew someone that worked there who is retired now that told me that even if certain girls see black guys that the owner would not let them or they would charge extra thats the reason why she left this agency. i am not a snitch so i wont call out this agency but they should be a shame of themself. i always ask if a certain girl see black guys or not, even when i called samia i ask her and she said that as long as i am nice and clean, there are some good agency on this site and on annonces 123 and jaysxlist that always accommodate me. this is the only agency and another one who advertise here that made me mad. i remember i called one day and i ask which of your girls recieve blacks and they said we dont discriminate against any race but when i tried to make an appointment none of the girls except a couple that recieve black guys. im going to end this by saying that the agency that wanted to extort me does not advertise here but the one that lied to me and even made me make an appointment but when i got there told me the girl was sick and went home does advertise here.

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    Maybe she charges by the inch? Seriously, I wonder if this may be why some girls don't like black guys. I have read some chatter about this online, particularly in regards to anal. Of course this perpetuates another stereotype. But I would feel better if someone charged more because they would have to do more work to handle my size then because of my ethnicity. I'll bet if you look hard enough you will find girls that will not only accept you but prefer your kind. Spend your money with these girls.

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    thats the reason why i usually go to mp i have never had a problemthere, because sometimes you get your hopes about a sp you call and your hopes get dash. the best agency that i found who is straight up is goodgirls, mike is very straight forward. i like that. some agency wants to charge more some lie to you or others tell you the girl cant come to your home she only can meet you in a hotel. i even had girls that used to work for some agency and who are independent now or work in a different agency, that if even the girl wanted to see black guys the owner would not let them. listen i am a straight forward and positive guy, its a girl choice to do whatever she wants to do, i just dont want to be lie to or try to be exorted. i love this hobby but its getting more and more difficult on who to trust or believe.

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    I'm white and big size and no SPs has ever complained about it or asked more $... So it's not a size's problem...

    Let say the true, girls or agencies don't want to have black clients cause they think a black has more chance to be disrecpectful and dangerous for the girls... If you talk to the girls, they will tell you they are not racist but stop doing black guys cause they had bad experience with them... Stereotype ? Probably..

    As a white, if you go to Africa, you will also pay more for a SP than a black guy, cause they think : they are naif, weak with the girls and full of money. Stereotype ? Probably...

    White have stereotype about black so it's not easy to be black in a white society. Black have stereotype about white so it's not easy to be white in a black society. The human being is not very tolerant.
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    is this for real... seriously, you deleted an email so you forgot who and which agency you contacted... wha? really. ok.

    if you're gonna stir shit, first u gotta shit... otherwise get off the pot.

    pfffft... ur pc tech friend can't recover an email. it's there or its not. only an isp guy can trace your emails.

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