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Thread: Queen of Spades banning reviewers?

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    Queen of Spades banning reviewers?

    Some of you may know Delta, a former prominent reviewer on this board and still going strong on the Blue Board. He mentioned that Queen of Spades told him to stop reviewing their girls or they won't do business wth him. He said he would not do that, so he's banned from there. They wouldn't give him a straight reason as to why they don't want him to review.

    These are the facts as reported by Delta. I think it's important that people are aware of this. It's obviously a practice that raises questions.

    They also go by the name Satanic Escorts

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    I've heard of and experienced agencies offering incentives for positive reviews and to avoid bad ones. This is the first I have heard of them banning a reviewer from service. There has to be more to this. All in all, I take reviews from people who are known to the agency or the SP as being a prominent MERB contributor with a grain of salt. Its like when a restaurant spots a food critic at one of their tables, they go all out for him/her.

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    With all the heavily photoshoped photos, the so-so reviews, and the rates above the average, I never really had them on my radar.

    I don`t recall seeing Delta giving a bad review of one of their girls recently, so not sure what is that all about. Considering that it seems to take a lot for him to give bad marks, that`s kind of strange for them to do that. But then again, not the first time he`s gotten into trouble with an agency.

    I`ve only seen an agency trying to systematically ban reviewers or to forbid reviews about them once, an agency called King Tut Escorts, based in Niagara Falls. They`ve asked all the local boards not to post reviews of their girls. The few reviews that I have seen, that managed to fly below the radar, were all uniformly bad.

    Can work with small boards (Delta is practically the only one posting anything on the blue board), but I don`t see that working here. QOS even had a positive review posted here 2 days ago!

    Another reason to avoid them, or at least to be suspicious of them, as far a I am concerned.

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    There photos are photo shopped to death, every lady looks so perfect it is not believable, to the point where they mean almost nothing and that is why i have never considered using them. If they want to start someday using honest photos then i may give them a try.

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    i hope QoS isn't attempting to ban reviews across the board and that it's just an isolated incident/misunderstanding.
    Guess that will be confirmed over the next few days.

    All agencies need to let reviews and comments flow on the boards because the positive and negative usually balance out and the truth about an agency/girl usually surfaces.
    The "truth" will help the good providers generate more business from satisfied clients while at the same time weeding out the bad providers and pushing them out of mainstream business.

    Clients should not tolerate any owner/agency trying to censor reviewers who are simply sharing info.
    I do hope QoS / Satanic Escorts can clarify the situation now that it's been raised.

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    QOS owner has coincidentaly cancelled itself at the Quebec registry in may...Satanic Escorts flying under the radar?...

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