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Thread: Complaint - Nadya's VIP - About bad Booking experience

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    Complaint - Nadya's VIP - About bad Booking experience

    Just starting this thread as a suggestion of MOD 10 after a Merbist (Moliere) complained about his very bad booking experience with Liloo in her thread in the Incall Review Section.

    After few comments from many others and Nadya`s replies, Mod 10 deleted many posts as it was off topic (not review) according to him.

    Here the link to the original (not deleted) post where it all started:

    So this is not a complain against liloo but more against the Agency itself...

    I would appreciate it Mods could integrate here the deleted posts of Liloo`s thread that concern this issue.

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    One thing Nadia failed (to her advantage) to answer is to why she never called Moliere back. That, in my honest opinion, shows the worst customer service ever. As Nadia mentions in her reply that " my Agency when it comes to Adult Entertainment offers the best in Clientele Services Eastern of Toronto" ..

    Hmmm, not calling a client that has an appointment and has been waiting for almost an hour after having to relocate at your request is totally disrespectful to a the most important part of your business, YOUR CLIENT ...

    Just my 2 cents

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    I agree 100%.

    Moliere did speculate on situations that were not necessarily true and while she had to explained those were not right, she should have understood that the guy made those affirmations cause he was pissed off and overbooking, or giving your booking slot to a regular and such things is generally and too often what happen in that kind of bad booking situation with some agency.

    So rather than only concentrate and be on the defensive side about moliere's speculations and everybody else giving their support to him, she should have understood and concentrate on the fact that the Client was VERY pissed off with very good reasons. I was myself VERY pissed off after reading Moliere's report and even more after Nadya replies!

    This behavior is worthy of the best B&S agencies.

    Hopefully, this does not happen too often at Nadya's and I think she hired a new assistant that might help...

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    Look behind you.
    I have tried 3 times in about the last 18 months and never got the chance to see anyone, had a booking but something changed. Maybe just bad luck of the draw but will not try a fourth time. Love to see Neva but impossible to book. ( All 3 were not with Neva ).

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    Je suis bien content de l'ouverture de ce thread.

    Ce qu'a vécu Molière, je l'ai vécu aussi à deux reprises il y a environ un an et demi alors que ve voyais Alaynah à l'occasion.

    Pratiquement le même scénario.

    Le seul bon coté de la chose est que comme c'était du "Incall", je n'ai pas eu à dépenser pour une chambre pour rien.

    Je ne l'avais pas écrit à l'époque sur le thread d'Alaynah parce que je ne voulais pas lui nuire à elle car elle n'y était pour rien.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moliere View Post
    Mercredi 27 juin 10h08 : on me dit que Liloo sera au ********* et de rappeler 15 min avant pour connaître le # chambre

    11h46 : Liloo n’est pas au ********** mais plutôt au ************* donc très loin d’où je suis mais comme elle me tente vraiment je me rends au **********.

    12h17 : je suis au ************, j’appelle pour avoir le # de chambre, on me dit de rappeler dans 2 minutes.

    12h21 : appel à l’agence mais ça ne répond pas

    12h23 : on me dit que Liloo n’est pas encore arrivé, qu’elle a dû laisser son auto au centre-ville puis prendre le métro et blablabla et qu’elle sera là bientôt (5-10 min) et qu’on va me rappeler dès qu’elle arrive.

    Pendant l’attente j’ai commencé à penser qu’on me bullchitait solide et qu’il était fort probable que Liloo était dans une chambre en train de se faire baiser par un autre client.

    J’ai attendu 30 min et je suis reparti. Ça me fait chier en hesti d’avoir fait tout ce trajet pour rien.

    L’agence Nadya’s VIPs ne m’a jamais rappelé.

    Conclusion #1 : je crois qu’effectivement, il y a eu un pépin avec l’hôtel mais on aurait dû me dire toute la vérité up front au lieu d’essayer de me faire avaler une histoire qui tient pas debout. Ça m’aurait évité 1 heure dans le traffic.

    Conclusion #2 : je suis certain à 99% que l’agence Nadya’s VIPs m’a préféré un client régulier pendant que j’attendais leur appel. Cas classique de double booking
    Quote Originally Posted by SexyNadya View Post

    QUESTION 1 :

    REPONSE 1 :
    Indeed yesterday there was a problem and we had to relocate her at another venue. But like today , Liloo new the the business doesn't feel comfortable with certain Motels.

    Therefore her day was cancelled.

    QUESTION 2 :

    REPONSE 2 :
    Sorry Honey ... let me redirect you to answer No1 ... she cancelled !

    Hello Moliere,

    I have to agree that your conclusion that you were purposely double-booked is unfair conjecture, and the view that she and her agency is dishonest may be a little harsh...basically opinion.

    However, on one hand you seem to be directed to change hotel/motel and given directions to call for the room number, thus going through all the requirements asked of you with the expectation of a meeting...then Nadya is saying Liloo doesn't like certain places for meetings and her meetings were cancelled.

    If your story is accurate, and I have no reason to think it isn't:

    1st: It's obviously the agency's responsibility to know where their ladies are comfortable to go to meet clients.

    2nd: Why is the agency telling you Liloo is on her way by subway to meet you at the new location if it's the same place she has objections too?

    3rd: It's inexcusable for any agency to fail to inform of a cancellation at any time, but all the more worst after you were put through such an effort.

    Number 2 is especially illogical. Liloo "doesn't feel comfortable with" this place and she cancelled because of it, but she is on her way to a place she doesn't like and will be there in 5-10 minutes despite her being uncomfortable there??? These stories don't fit.

    If Nadya knew of this discomfort then why wasn't either a new place found or Moliere informed early to avoid the travel episode? If Liloo only decided not to go there later after Moliere was on his way then why wasn't he informed by the agency at all while waiting there when he called after arrival?

    In my only experience with Nadya's Playground I also was told I had to change meeting places at nearly the last hour before the meeting. The original place was only 4-6 blocks from my own hotel downtown, the new place was several miles away. Changing meeting places late seems to be a common theme with this agency. I hope this isn't a game of the agency.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mod 10 View Post
    ...laver son linge sale en pubic n'est pas acceptable sur MERB.
    Je ne suis pas sûr de la signification de cette. Le but de ce forum est la connaissance sur l'entreprise d'escorte. Une très bonne méthode pour résoudre les problèmes est la publication des différences pour informer les clients. Je suis d'accord avec Molière, les échanges privé pourrait encourager les pratiques douteuses ... des affaires louches ou à l'intimidation de part et d'autre. En gardant ce public est une meilleure solution.

    Good luck,

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    Je demeure persuadé que j'ai été bumpé par un autre client à la dernière minute, car j'avais le feeling qu'on me mentait quand je parlais à l'agence, on me cachait quelque chose. C'est pas la première fois que ca m'arrive, d'habitude je prends mon trou et je passe à autre chose. Sauf que cette fois-ci, je trouve que Nadya m'a niaisé en hesti.

    D'autre part, je ne suis pas d'accord avec Mod à l'effet que ça devrait s'arranger en privé avec l'agence car de tels arrangements incitent les agences à continuer ces pratiques douteuses.

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    I feel they are understaffed or a bit unorganized cuz everytime I book in advance, I'm in fear of being double booked because everytime my appoimtments were late.

    Sometimes I get the feeling, the earlier you book, the more time they have to schedule someone right before/after thus overlapping bookings

    I also was victim of a cancelation with no call back. At least everyone on the phones are really friendly.

    Is there an actual VIP list lol? How do I get on it?

    Nonetheless, <3 Nadya's

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    Nadya's has the roster of a good agency, but clearly not the service.

    We don't want to hear good excuses, we want to hear "ok we suck in service, we are really sorry, we gonna improve by doing this and this".

    Anyway 120$/30mn is a very good deal..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mod 10 View Post
    J'ai effacé une partie de la conversation entre moliere et Nadya pour la simple et bonne raison que cela aurait due se faire en privé. Je n'ai gardé que les 2 côtés de la médaille; le strict minimum. De toute manière, si j'avais laissé les commentaires public, ça aurait finit en interminable guerre dans laquelle les merbistes auraient mis leur grain de sel et ça n'avait pas sa place sur le forum. Mais, dans ses interventions, Nadya expliquait plus ou moins vaguement le pourquoi de sa réaction explosive.

    Peut-être devrais-je remettre l'intégralité de leur échange sur ce topic? Je ne crois pas; les 2 versions de l'histoire son public, les membres croiront qui ils voudront. Pour le reste, laver son linge sale en pubic n'est pas acceptable sur MERB.

    Je ne comprends pas du tout cette intervention. La question n'est pas de savoir pourquoi Nadya a eu une intervention explosive. Ce n'est pas la première fois qu'elle en a une et ce n'est pas la dernière non plus.

    La question c'est de savoir pourquoi elle n'a pas rappelé Molière. Elle n'y a pas répondu à cette question et c'est ce qu'il y avait de plus important.

    C'est quoi le problème de laver le linge sale en public dans un cas comme celui-là? C'est la raison d'être du forum. Si on ne peut pas le faire, il y en a qui vont penser que tu essais de protéger un annonceur.

    Nadya est bien connue pour ne jamais admettre une erreur et ne jamais s'excuser en public. C'est fort malheureux. Peut-être qu'elle finira par comprendre un jour qu'une faute admise est à moitié pardonnée.

    Quote Originally Posted by koyaanisqatsi View Post
    Not really sure what is going on here , but I stand behind Nadya VIP 100%. You should really look elsewhere to start trouble.
    Who cares what you think? Molière is one of the credible posters on this forum. You are just a new guy with no proven credibility preaching all over the place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by man77777 View Post
    we want to hear "ok we suck in service..
    Funny I only want to hear 'We suck !' period.

    And so far I had only good service in that dpt. wit Nadya's GF

    Anyway, this aint gonna stop me for seeing one of her new addition... I need a full check-up for my next round trip and my seal of approval is often one of Nadya's GF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gugu View Post
    La question n'est pas de savoir pourquoi Nadya a eu une intervention explosive. Ce n'est pas la première fois qu'elle en a une et ce n'est pas la dernière non plus.
    Ce genre d'interventions sont les signes d'un manque d'acceptation de la critique.. L'acceptation de la critique étant elle même la base de la capacité à progresser... Elle même à la base d'un bon service fourni au client...
    Find what you love, and let it kill you...

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    I've used Nadya's VIP only once, so i'd like to add that everything went very smoothly & quite well. The only negative that i may have about Nadya is that she's a hab fan. But i won't hold it against her.

    But seriously, i'm certain that at one point, we've all had a complaint or two in regards to most of the agencies we've ever used. Shit happens. When it does, it's better to put it behind ya, let it go & move on.

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    ive only been able to use them once. what really pisses me off is i will ask who is available (late at night) and they tell me to call in at 8 am the next morning. just tell me what i want to know im not calling early in the morning when they dont even start until noon.

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    Hello everyone,

    The reason the discussion was terminated in the review thread was that it was a REVIEW thread. As the appointment did not happen, for whatever reason, it had nothing at all to do with Liloo's service. As no service was rendered by Liloo no review of her service is possible. As such is the case, the discussion had no business in a REVIEW thread of any particular lady. This not the first time an appointment was cancelled or went awry for any agency and we have consistantly warned members not to have such discussions in review threads. If members continue to conduct such discussions in REVIEW threads, the posts will be removed and they will not be moved to another thread.

    REVIEW threads are for the posting and discussion of reviews. All other subjects are off topic and in future will be removed without notice. IF any member has something to discuss that does not pertain to a review in a REVIEW thread, do it in the LOUNGE where it belongs.

    Mod 8

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