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Thread: Humiliated by strippers

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    Humiliated by strippers

    I know that strip club get guys on stage for their bachelor party or birthday and trashed by strippers. The are stripped, spanked, wedgied and sometimes facesat.

    Im curious what goes on in your club when a bachelor or b-day boy is brought on stage. Ever witnessed someting similar ?

    Here's true accounts from the web:

    At my club the guy is taken on stage.. put on a chair and made to sit on his hands. Then all the girls come down the stage (we do a 2-4-1 and free porn at this time) The 3 "party girls" start to ravage him... try to strip him naked.. whole time guy is fighting to keep his clothes on, sliding around the floor while the girls are climbing on him to get them off. tie his clothes to the top of the pole when finally off.. He is then spanked with belt (if wearing one) and video/DVD... made to go on all 4s (mind you naked) and belt put around neck and ridden around like a dog while barking the whole time.. we sit on his face (wearing panties) and put boobs in face and grind a bit... crowd always gets riled up yelling and laughing and the lucky "party girls" tend to make good cash after this show...
    Best part is the guy trying to climb the 20 foot high pole naked to get his clothes down when its over.. hahahaha
    I used to think this was horrible, even was embarrased to watch.. but now I do the shows....
    So, just curious...What do they do at YOUR club?

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    It seems to be very typical of most SCs.

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