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Thread: Terrible, terrible f'ing luck in Montreal

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    Angry Terrible, terrible f'ing luck in Montreal

    Wow, I am not having a good streak here... I came on business and sayed over 2 extra nights... I made it a point to book an expensive suite in anticipation of some good internet searching and use of this (and other) boards to weed out the fake and uglies.

    Well, HELL. On the one hand I did get some unique service from Apple (see review, to lazy to link), but she is like a 6. And not a bit of english so no conversation. Today I caught up on a 4 that sure looked hot in her pics but smelled like cheeze and cigarettes with a terrible attitude. Hell and damn.

    WHERE THE HELL ARE THE HOTTIES? Crap. I mean, sure, I'm getting rimjobs, which is a new thing for me, but so far the two SPs speak no english and the MP I went to gave me the tamest nuru massage ever. Who gives a nuru with no ball play? Seriously? at least she spoke english. And the MP gets good reviews, too.

    What am I missing? I am looking at all the escort sites like Satanic, etc., but now I am spooked.

    I was thinking about Jordan @Eleganza or was really interested in Marie Eve from Montreal Girls on fire but hell - even though the stats look good and the pics are alright AND the reviews are good - uggh.

    Maybe I'll ask the doorman at the hotel for a hookup.

    Oh, and yea - I am not naming the hated MP or SP because I'm not a spiteful guy. Others seem to like them, so whatever.

    Man, I'm ready to pay for class here. What's REAL?

    //Rant over //

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    Sorry to hear that your poon adventure went south.

    All of my best monger experiences have come from Montreal even though my penis is well traveled. I stick to the highest rated agencies and well reviewed Independents. I let my local brethren take the chances on any undiscovered gems or emerging talent. The MP's are not for me as I prefer a real LMT or massage therapist.

    Don't let one SP tarnish your opinion; seems to me I always get one sour apple out of the basket when I come to Montreal for "business."
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    Quote Originally Posted by hwalker11111 View Post
    Crap. I mean, sure, I'm getting rimjobs
    WTF !!!!!! You got a rim job ? YOUr LUCKY ! IM DYING TO GET A GOOD RIMJOB

    Who gave it to you ? Didi you ask or was it given without asking ???

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    Its weird and sad for you, but i don't get it... I am physically not the attractive type, i mostly rent low cost 2 stars hotel all the time, my dates are usually very way forward in term i don't buy wine or anything, most i offered to an SP was a beer(lol) when it happened i had some in the fridge(but lately i use a room with no fridge) but still i usually have very good meetings. You mention a 6 and such... maybe thats the problem, rating the escort like that. Im usually very down to earth to escorts, i tell them im on merb, i tell them that i saw she offer cim and such and i want it, but usually we talk friendly and i never go on judging her look like numbers. Maybe you didn't do your homeworks well enough... Either take a girl with face pics if thats the most important part for you, or one that look very great in body pics(usually they are also very beautifull)

    I don't know what to say more, but maybe its that you are doing this for a long time and you are getting bored of it, it dosen't have that special something anymore... i don't know, but one advice would be to be very friendly to these girls and don't be too serious. I talk to them like a long time buddy usually and it work well.. Maybe she don't give a shit about what im saying... or maybe even find me ridiculous in some stuff, but i will hardly see her again ever, so that dosen't matter much.
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    You just didn't do your homework. There are boatloads of cute girls who give good service. Just look up the agencies that advertise and read the reviews. It's all there.

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    chalk it up to a beginner's mistake.
    Next time, spend more time on Merb and prepare yourself a bit better. As ManApart says, it is all here....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeresJohnny View Post
    That`s the advantage of being a seasoned hobbyist... we don`t make those mistakes anymore. Montreal is full of gems regularly advertised on this board. Haven`t had a bad experience in a very long time.
    There is a learning curve for someone who is inexperienced in the Montreal escort scene. In the past I have noticed a very strange phenomenon on MERB in which newbies come on the board, said that they used one of the agencies in the bait and switch sticky thread, and they try to ``warn`` everyone, as if nobody knows about these agencies. It`s like they never heard of MERB until after they had the bad escort experience, which I do not understand in this Internet and smartphone era we live in.

    My first experience in Montreal goes back to 2002 and the lay of the land was different then, but the same issues existed. At that time MERB did not exist and TBD was the primary board used by American hobbyists. I went on TBD and the Montreal posters told me that the best agencies were Allissa of Montreal, French companions, and Aleeva and Friends, which were all HDH agencies, and that the locals were mostly using an agency called Le Filles de Jacques (or something like that) run by a guy named Jacques, which at that time was a $140 per hour agency.

    FKS just got started around that time by Giselle and her partner, whose name I forget, who were both quite well reviewed as independent escorts at that time prior to the formation of their business partnership.

    Some of the same B&S agencies that existed as part of the so called ``Evil Empire`` were around at that time. The longest running bait and switch in Montreal that I can remember is Sweet Montreal. I believe they have been around since 2002 at least.

    MERB started some time in 2003 or so and it effectively displaced two boards, Canbest, which was mostly oriented to Canadian hobbyists, and the TBD Montreal forum, which was primarily used by Americans, as it was an American based and specialized board emanating from its headquarters in Tampa, FL. MERB started as the business enterprise of a businessman named Fred Zed who operates other Canadian escort boards from a headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.
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    Lily from Montreal
    Some of you seems to be looking for problems: yesterday I read a thread in 411 when the guy is asking about this girl that has fake pics ( it seems she use photos of actresses), and then the reply was yes , we know she lies and it is not her on the pics, but maybe she is wonderful and worth the money?
    Hellooo? You are really going to meet someone you know lies about herself and expect the lay of your life? I suppose you still believe in the fairy tooth also? How naive can you be? So yes bad experience happen but when someone walk purposely in a trap I kind of lose compassion?

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