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Thread: Is there a French language escort review board for Montreal?

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    Is there a French language escort review board for Montreal?

    Wondering what additional resources we have in this city for info. I usually do not stray far from the anglo path but I'm curious if there is more info out there.

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    Yes, there is at least one French language escort review board for Québec, including Montréal. However, the number of reviews you will find there pales in comparison to MERB, which is by far the best and largest escort review board for Montréal. Even though the majority of Montrealers, including escorts, are francophone, the majority of Montreal escort review boards are anglophone. You used the term "anglo path". However, you should keep in mind that you will find many more reviews of Québeçoise escorts here on MERB than you will on the French language board. You can find French language escort review board if you do a search on Google using the French terms: escortes québec revues

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    Pretty interesting asking about our competition here.

    MERB is bilingual and people can use French or English at will. Translation sites do a good job for anything properly written in the original language.

    Sorry but I have to close this thread as we can't allow people being redirected to competitors, directly or indirectly.

    Sorry guys.


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