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Thread: Is this a place where we can take out our frustrations or what????

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    Is this a place where we can take out our frustrations or what????

    Sorry about the title but I am more than fedup with negativity on this website.

    I am inviting you to go there:

    That`s all I have to say.

    For those offended by my reaction, I am really sorry.

    Thank you,
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    I think you should take it all with a grain of salt and yet you also need to listen, or rather read, to what the people are stating. Offering a deal for 3 hours is not so bad, but at 3 AM it kind of looks bad, regardless of your intentions. Also bashing senior posters is not the greatest way to go either, unless those posters had a bad reputation to begin with.

    Continually harping on the subject is not the best thing either. Close off the threads and be done with it.

    My advice (not that it counts for s**t) would be to lick your wounds and remember this for the next time one of your girls brings up the same situation.


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    Breadman's coming to town in two weeks time and will give Emotion a test run and a review.....

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    B'man might be too late.
    OL is trying to organise something (looking into his wallet right now and sees not much in there) hopefully for next week.

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    Hi emotionMTL.

    I agree on balance with HA. My advice is to try to take it more in a philosophical way. Building a strong reputation takes time on MERB. Be patient and continue ensuring good customer service, and, you'll see, business should pick up naturally. It's best to avoid knee jerk reactions.

    My 2 cents.

    Good luck.


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    Hey Emotion Montreal,

    If you really want to have your agency start properly then why not just stay low and concentrate on your web site and photos. Once it is up and running just let us know it is up.
    It looks like 2 of merb members might try your agency out within 2 weeks or so and of course reviews will be up after that.
    And just let those reviews be the judge of your girls/agency.
    I don't think trying to convince anyone at this point is a good idea (specially even web site is down). ** You might think 2 weeks? my agency need to bring in some money now, but hey, when you run a business sometime you have to wait **

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