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Thread: I own an escort agency. Ask me anything.

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    I own an escort agency. Ask me anything.

    I own an escort agency. Ask me anything. Go ahead. I am not here to self- promote. I will answer your questions as truthfully as I can.
    Att Mods: If I am not in the right forum please redirect this post.

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    If this guy is actually not LCS playing a joke on us and is truly an agency owner, I don't think he will give it's name or any other info that may serve to identify it. My sense is that he want's to discuss the biz from an operator's perspective. So here are my questions:

    - On average, how many dates do girls do per day/night?

    - What is the agency take on the gross income ?

    - How long do girls work in the biz on average ? Months? Years?

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    Hey, I want to be a SP driver, just for one day.
    Call it a fantasy if you want, but it's something I want to experience.

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    Ask me anything!! hahahaha!!

    Good one!!


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    Thumbs down well....

    well..give us very good rates..and possibly rebate coupon for the merbits ..then u will be very welcome! our nice feedback will come afterward

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    Why is the sky blue?

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    Let us know when you get a mind... loser..
    Why is my poop brown?

    What is the circumference of the earth to the inch?

    How stupid do you think we are?

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    Post Give the dude a chance.

    Give the dude a chance. Maybe his is the real deal. So which agency are you from? What are the rates? How much do you keep, how much do the drivers get, what do the escorts get, and what is your budget for advertising and promotion? How much does it cost in basic overhead to answer the telephones, legal fees when you get into some trouble with the law, etc... ?

    Do you ever bang the SPs and for how much and how often? What is the audition like? How do you recruit?

    Now here is a legitimate chance to to fess up..

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    Let us know when you get a mind... loser..
    1 post, 3 days ago..... Yeah he's legit.

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    Unhappy I gave him his shot, no pun intended

    I tried. Can't say I wasn't fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pantouflard
    Would you happen to know the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
    I know the answer to the meaning of life. It's 41

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    Talking It's 42

    Sorry guy. it's 42. Look it up on the 3 rd volume of the Hitch hikers guide to the Universe. As you well know, it's the question we don't quite understand.

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    my question

    is : do u know how to pimp?
    if not just pm me
    i can teach u but not for free

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    Wink 2 answers?

    I guess it depends on your source. I say 42 and you say 41. Maybe it's 41.5

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