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Thread: No pic, text only ads. What is your experience?

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    No pic, text only ads. What is your experience?

    Some ads on the internet have no pic, just text. From my experience I have found these to be some of the worse experiences I have had. Mostly these are part timers that are out to make rent or pay the bills. One lady offered massage, but she had no massage table and did it on her couch. The others were 50+. Few people advertise in newspapers anymore, I am guessing that they do this to avoid putting on a pic to their ads. What are your experiences with no pic ads?

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    In an age where having a cell phone that can take pics is the norm.

    How can someone not have pics up unless there is nothing good in the pics to post up.
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    I've found that most pics posted are either really old or really fake.

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    I actually like these ads. I have had quite some success. It adds a little mystery and surprise. I'd say it is about 50/50. I have had misses...but the hits have largely been keepers. For instance...Vanessa picture and I was very pleased. I don't pick any one...I try to get a sense from how the ad is written. I like the fact that more often than not these are part-time women. Adds to experience for me.


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    I went to a no pic masseuse, she was on welfare. She had no curtains, and little furniture. got the massage and happy ending on the couch. Maybe did a show for the neighbors.

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