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    Hey, guys
    I've been reading about Sandy's story, and that Mataev trial. It really fucks me up. I could kill those bastards with my own hands, seriously. And it got me thinking: how do I know that this masseuse or that escort is there on her own free will? What can I do? I don"t go to those asian places, where the offer "fresh off the boat girls", I tend to avoid those high mileage places and all... But still.

    How does it make you feel?

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    Hi Yme

    Can you link to what you're referring to? It's impossible to understand for people not familiar with the things you're talking about.


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    Sure. I have this link in french, from La Presse :
    This girl was savagely beaten, repeatedly raped and forced into prostitution by these guys. I don't know, it really fuck me up.

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    Personally that's why I prefer indies. I figure there's less of a chance of exploitation and that they're doing it by choice.

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    I agree with you: Indies and more mature ladies.

    After discussing with many SP (dancers, masseuses and escorts), I was easily convinced that the more mature ones (let's say 25 and more) are on their own and fully accepting the advantages and disavantages of the sex industry. Sometimes, financial reasons are their single motivation and they do not really like their work but, at least, they are not forced and beaten by someone else. Unfortunately, I had some doubts about very young girls (18-20) met in strip clubs and massage places and I prefer to stay away from them since it makes me incomfortable about that. I also know what places are better to avoid and those who are more recommendable, even if you are never sure in that industry.

    Yme, I read the Sandy's story and it is very sad and I hope that Mataev will be sent to prison where some people will take good care of him.

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    In fact, THAT kind of prostitution should stop and never be.
    The "clients" of that girl could/should have seen things, but they simply closed their eyes if they did and permit that girl to live hell on earth the time she was with that Mataev.

    That's a really sad story, and that's exactly why some people think that prostitution should stop. If those of you guys who see those kind of abused ladies stopped, the bad treatments would probably stopped too, because "gangster style guy" will have no benefice to abuse and "rent a girl" that way.
    Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    Anyway, I am not really sure that "clients" of that kind of abused girls are on Merb. | [email protected] | Twitter : @passiamore

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    I heard about that on the radio a week ago and I was really shocked by that. Unfortunatly this happens more often then we know, even if once is already too often. This is how ugly humanity can be. This is a proof of how disgusting a race of animals we are. I can't even start to think what those kind of guys have in their heads. I can tell you what they have not, empathy, love, beauty. It doesn't make sense to me, but it happens all the time all over the world.

    When it's not that it's mafia members beating people very badly for money and power. They're so stupid they don't get that money and power doesn't bring you happiness and they're ready to fuck with everybody's life for the interest of their own corruption (in the sense of their corrupt values, no corruption in the commun use, although this sense is also appliable). These guys live in the constant stress to keep their power and position, as I, a poor artist, don't have to deal with that kind of stress, although I have my own concerns.

    I can't accept how this world is so ugly and corrupted, for the most stupid goal ever. People don't get it, period.

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