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Thread: How "escorting" affects views on marriage?

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    How "escorting" affects views on marriage?

    I'm not really sure how to ask this question to get the most responses but I would be really curious to know how "ladies" feel that working in the industry affects their views on marriage.

    It seems to me that quite a few "ladies" in the industry have quite an independent streak and often stay in the business along time and maybe as a result or just coincidence seem to avoid settling down.

    Maybe this independent streak existed before getting into the industry?

    Maybe "ladies" become extra picky?

    Maybe its just the travel?

    Maybe "ladies" refuse to compromise/submit in anyway?

    I am really interested in your opinions because I am often surprised by the number of really good looking and intelligent women who tend not to marry.

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    i'm not too sure I understand you. but I've met ladies who are in the biz and are married. their men don't care about what they do for a living. heck they even have children.
    Some women don't care if their men spends a night with an escort. my wife doesn't care that spend the night an escort. she knows i'll get one if i'm really tempted to.

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    i think the main reason for a women to accept mariage is just to have children after that the sex become not very important,it is why so many men like me go and see escorts.

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    My girl knew I liked getting escorts when she met me and knows I still get them. I don't tell her about every encounter. But she can't always keep up with me sexually. As long as I'm not cheating in her with a girl she knows or catching feelings then I don't think she really cares.

    On the other hand she hates that I spend money on escorts when I could be buying her stuff lol

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    hahaha bean. mine said the same.

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    about spending the money on her instead, I mean.

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