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Thread: fake pics in adds

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    Exclamation fake pics in adds

    so yeah didnt know exactly where to post this.
    It certainly ain't a review...just wanted to share
    my latest finds and maybe you could contribute
    to this thread if you find new fake adds.

    iv'e been watching this supposedly "new in town"
    girl with her supposedly "new pics" lately and ok
    i agree it kind of got me and actully wasted 3 sms
    to know were the incall place was...

    But the more I was thinking about it the more
    that feeling of deja vu from those pics came to
    mind until I identified the real girl being that
    pornstar Bryci

    here's the add on jaysxlist

    and here's the "new photos" posted 2009-07-23 on some random site
    (there prolly much older then that)

    I knew it was to good to be true!

    just read her blog

    she OBVIOUSLY wouldn't waste her time as an escort in montreal LOL

    here's another one from jaysxlist as well:

    it is obviously the super popular czech model Ashley Bulgari
    and she is defenatly NOT working in a massage parlor in Laval hehehe :P

    I actully sent Ashley an e-mail cuz I couldnt found that photoset
    on the web (she have sooo many!!! (0_0), so does Bryci!)

    I hope she's gonna answer me


    Feel free to post some fake pics here if you identify like
    a well known pornstar or something like that, could be real
    pics too but often you just know when the pics looks wayyyy
    too damn good its another fake add

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    I believe that the following thread is the good place to report our discovery about Providers using fake pics:

    The thread is also discussing the Fake Pics abuse in ads...


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    We already have the Bait and Switch thread that Uncle Bob posted the link to, which is a sticky, and that thread covers this subject already. There is no reason for yet another thread dealing with the subject.

    Thread closed.

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