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Thread: Vaginal Contractions Voluntary Or Involuntary?

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    Vaginal Contractions Voluntary Or Involuntary?

    Like most of you have experienced, some of the women I've been with in various countries have nice tight pussies while some are so loose I feel like I'm swimming in them. With a small percentage of them however, I have felt their pussies contract around my dick during certain points.

    This has always puzzled me because although these vaginal contractions are normal when a girlfriend or spouse has orgasms, I never expect working women to have them with their clients. I've felt vaginal contractions with girls in Berlin FKK clubs as well as in Dominican Republic but again this is rare.

    So I wonder if vaginal contractions among the working women I've been with are voluntary or not. If they are voluntary, I'm assuming that they are trying to give me added pleasure but then I wouldn't think they would have any extra incentive to do this. They are not getting paid anymore for this.

    If these contractions are involuntary, are these working women actually having real orgasms ... with a client? This would be quite surprising especially during intercourse rather than during oral on them.

    Any opinions or similar experiences?

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    Actually, the answer is BOTH, voluntary and involantary. It is even recommended to both men and women to perform Kegel's exercices,

    they will improve their sexual experience and help to prevent some problems. Just read this very interesting article.

    I remember one of my first sexual experience. The girl was just getting those vaginal contractions when I was touching the entry of her uterus with my dick and was having a big orgasm at the same time. This girl has been with a guy for 5 years before and told me she never got this feeling before. She repeatedly has this experience several times (not everytime...) with me for about 3 years. After, she got pregnant, and I could not repeat it afterward... But we found other tricks...

    A vagina has lot of secret doors... and each woman is different. It is our mission to explore and find the right keys.

    Even if the majority of women will get an orgasm mostly by the clitoris stimulation, others can get if from an "appropriate" vaginal stimulation. For those women, digits and dick can do wonders. Again, exploration is the key as the same woman might react differently on different occasions.

    Come on guys, let's do our homework!!!
    Some like it mild, I like it hot

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    I understand your points. But do you think that working women are getting these involuntary contractions too ... with their clients? I find that a bit far fetched myself but I could be wrong.

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    Lily from Montreal
    And why not, pray tell? Sex is sex, be it with a monetary context or not, an orgasm do not consider the parameters of a meeting to happen...Some guys are more talented then other to make one happen ,that's all...

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    Most of them are voluntary so you can come faster and leave asap

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    Lily from Montreal
    My dear Hitman,maybe you are not meeting the right girls?

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