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    Asian Girls

    I'm a big fan of Asian girls and given the number of agencies who offer Asian SP's, the many threads about Asian SPs, and the ubiquity of AMPs, I know I'm not alone. But my question is: Why do we like Asian girls? What is it about Asian girls that gets our blood pumping? Do they have softer skin? Are their asses any different than other girls? Are their breasts any different than other girls? Do we like language barriers? Do they perform differently than other girls, on average? Looking forward to hearing from anyone with any ideas?

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    wired are we

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    For me, it's the exotic facial features.

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    last 2 years,i was be in China and korean 2 times with my friends,then i stick with asian girls,especial in China!!!my dream girls!

    for me,the language is not very important!i focus the age and face,then the service!

    but in MTL,it is too bad for my expeience!following some the review,but the girls(women) are old and ugly!the services are so so!

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    me i love themmmmmm..i have no idea whyyy is jut like...i want them ...i am planning a trip to toronto...hope to find good and beautifullll one
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    i pm u 2 asian agency,check it

    i have a good time with their girls

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