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    Have a trip planned for Singapore next month and wondering whether there are any Merbites with any experience there. There is a lot of information online about the various Red Light Districts but I was wondering if there is anyone with first hand experience who can shed light on prices, offerings, safety, risks, and satisfaction?

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    The best is to go to Orchard Towers on Orchard Road! Do a search on Google and you will see many reviews about this place. Each time that I go to Singapore I make sure to go there.

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    If this is a business trip I can make a suggestion. On the weekend get on a flight to Phuket and book a room at the Holiday Inn. There is a great red light district for night a a great beach for the day time. You can enjoy all the trappings of a free society. My boss used to do this when he was in singapore. I went with him once and it was great.

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    Isn't that where they caned a few people publicly for throwing gum on the sidewalk.

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    Yes, Singapore is where they will lock you up for littering. Prostitution is legal in Singapore, but make sure you don't get caught (like everywhere else) with a minor (under 18) because the sentence is 7 years.
    So when will Hillary go to Prison?

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