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Thread: What to do if the girl falls to sleep?

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    What to do if the girl falls to sleep?

    It happened to me at least 5-6 times....girl fell to sleep when
    I needed a 2nd SOG or even before 1st SOG began. The duration
    of sleep lasted from 15 min to more than 2 hours! One incident,
    I gave her DATY and she came like a waterfall, vagina fluid
    everywhere, she became so relaxed, she fell to sleep.

    What do you do in such an instance?

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    Look behind you.
    Slowly get dressed and walk out. It happened to me once, I think she just crashed from a binge. Put $40 on the dresser and left as I did get a partial BJ.

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    malboro_man, if the girl is an agency girl and she was there 2 hours, did the agency ask to be paid for 2 hours? I am guessing she was independent.

    I never had a girl fall asleep on me. If it was an agency, I would call the agency and stop the clock at that moment, ask them to call when the driver is there and then wake her up.
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    STN: good idea to walk out....only one time did it happened at in incall. So, that's not an option. Although this did not happen very often (once every 2 years on average), I find myself too nice and just lose my time. Some girls find themselves too comfy with me cuddling and just fall to sleep.

    DD41: Except for the incall incident, it was all agency and outcalls...I just let them wake up....they won't be in a good mood being woken up. Like I said, I am a nice guy and just absorbed my lost time. I normally don't call and complain. That'll just ruin the mood for the session. As for the 2-h incident, it was an incall. She made up for the 2-h when she woke up.

    But, those are good ideas, guys....I find myself not wanting to be the nice guy any more.

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    Funny enough, I have gone through all kind of weird stuff, but never had a girl falling asleep on me. I guess it's maybe because I never got too borrowing to let that happen...

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