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Any Indys who does not ask for screening?

Julia Sky

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Oct 29, 2016
And that is your decision, and it's valid! Everyone gets to choose what they're comfortable with. Knowing you I know you would simply move on if a lady asked for ID, not try to push her boundaries. That is the way to go. It's ok for everyone to do what they're comfortable with as long as nobody is pushing anyone's boundaries.

Like you said earlier in this thread amazon gift card is a good option for anonymous deposits. I go that route sometimes, it's convenient. I mostly screen to avoid time wasters anyway, not really to have any real world info.


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May 22, 2004
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Julia’s comments are very good and definitely worth reading.

A lot of guys think the world consists of 1,000,000 guys who just want to have sex in exchange for money, and 1 guy who wants to kill a lady and feed her to the pigs at his Canadian farm. So her odds are pretty good if she just doesn’t do street work and get into a pickup truck.

But stalkers are a real issue, and are more than 1 out of a million.

My favorite in the late 1980s / early 1990s was something of a trailblazer in the world of independent escorts. She divided her time between a Nevada brothel, the Anchorage Alaska houses, a New York apartment brothel, an escort service in Florida, and for a few customers, her Florida condo.

When cell phones and emails became commonplace, she decided to become a Vegas independent, with one of the first websites for that. She of course had been quietly giving her email address to her huge customer base for years.

At first, she asked for very little screening information. That soon changed when she started getting a lot of fake bookings and was running around the casino hotels knocking on doors. She started requiring a full name and either a call from the hotel room for new customers, or the acceptance of a call from her to the room phone.

She had picked up a stalker. He was a Las Vegas policeman who had seen her at the legal brothel for years. He would call, and have his friends call to make fake bookings. She told me he once officially asked her to marry him during a session he had booked. She said he was officially the most fucked up person she ever met. Think about the scope of that statement. Thus is a lady who might well have fucked the most guys of any sex worker in the U.S. She worked it hard for more than two decades.

She didn’t have trouble with stalkers till she went independent. There are a lot of stalkers, Captain Sav-a-Ho’s, and time-wasters out there for independents. And they come from every walk of life, including cops. As I have said before, I just don’t remember ever hearing a blackmail or extortion story regarding an independent escort with reviews. But I suspect most every independent escort has a stalker or similar bad story that they don’t want to repeat.
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