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At what age we wake up in the morning without being erect?


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May 17, 2013
I'm 44 and I've stopped getting an erection consistently. Moreover, I occasionally have trouble maintaining an erection in mish yet can ejaculate twice in an hour via HJ. Don't smoke or drink but definitely time to lose the belly fat. As they say, nothing taste as good as pussy (feels). Merci.

C.B. Brown

Nov 29, 2019
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i will be 63.Many factors can contribute to this.Sleep is very important.i take 3 mg melatonin subliminal form at bed.was well I enable a blue light filter on my computer windows 10 and in my android phone.blue light effects melatonin has a bonus it melaton has a relaxing effect on the bladder so I can sleep and wake only 1x to pe instead of 3x+ I get this at jean coutu

raw green Pumpkin seeds-a old Chinese lady taught me this one.I had non bacterial prostitis.porstate naturally enlarges as you ge and pumpkin sseeds are your gift green raw 1 tbsp at night.dramatically increases urine flow blocks bad testesteone dht which is responsabele for prostate enlargement as well has zinc which is necessary for testerone production
bulk barn or most grocerie stores have it like metro and maxi about $7 a container plastic clear and remember raw green not roassted
as well I take 1 brazil nut every night for selenium as well necessary for testesterone
This 1 thing was better than any medication I was ever given during a period some 20 yrs back I had problem I get this at bulk barn
I am drug medication free
As well 3 yrs prior I found a powered form of magnesium bisglycinate 300 mg per scoup dissolved in hot water which is the highest form you can find to the molecular level for me dramatically reduced pain as tis a natural muscle relaxant and helps with bowel function as well 1 components of micro nutriants necessary for testosterone production I get this at jean coutu jamieson is the brand

Vitiman D3 is necessary for testestrone production I take one with vitiman k2 as the k2 shows the body where its needed jean coutu sells both separate or 1 brand together
Diet is important
Grass fed beef\
whole range free eggs I eat 4 3x a week and my cholesterol is fine and so are my hardons consequently
the yoke is very important good fat necessary for testerone production and like most older persons if you don’t eat the yokes and just egg whites id guarantee you phosphorous level is slightly low

If your having a bad period get a bottle of maca/ ginsing 500mg/200 mg made by webber its like a steroid cycle but natural 1 cap 3c a day instant results in blood flow and erections
I get mine at jean coutu in the vitiman section
After the 1 st cap maca/ginsing I noticed blood flow to my dick like when I used ed drugs in past years which I no longer need or use never use them unless you really need ed drugs..i took this for 3 months like a carbarateur cleaner does wonders and the effect is still felt months later
Flax seed oil the actual biological oil from bulk barn 1 tbsp tastes like shit but works good for erections
Get erections so easy following the above


Aug 30, 2003
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I would love if my penis would give me a break sometime. I always wake up erected. I may get a second hard on if the Van Houtte girl where I get my morning coffee is Alice because she always has yoga pants clearly showing her tong.
I do get hard 2-3 times later during the day minimum... And these are days without anything kinky! Am I normal?
You are normal only If I am too ....

C.B. Brown

Nov 29, 2019
Right here
a little side note when i used teh ed drugs cialis was the most potent id get erecrtions so had it was painfull and every hr for 3 days
only reason i stopped is it makes my heart race and i cant stop it no control
the girls would mention f--k is your dick hard
i miss that but i still get erections not as much as when i was younger
and with the right girl sex with a condom not a problem as older guys know condoms are not erection enhancers i find many times i have zero feeling