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How to build a extensive MP/SP data base in 5 minutes a day!

Doctor Evil

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Feb 26, 2004
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I have built an extensive data base of over 1400 entries over the last 24 to 30 months. I have not spent much more than about 5 minutes a day to build it. A data base of SP and Mp info can help you make an informed descision on how to spend your discreationary dollars. It can also help you determine if a place is popular or not.
All you need is a telephone, a Yahoo e-mail account and a newspaper to get started. First you register a Yahoo e-mail account, in the account you will have a notebook on the toolbar. This notebook will enable you to build a searchable database, so that you can sit at your telphone and call up places and determine if you have called them before and add new info to places that have new ads in the newpaper.
Start the notebook entries as follows:

1) telephone number

2) catagory: massotherapist, massage, erotic massage, or escort

3) price and service

4) location, and description

5) agency/salon/private

6) specialties, costumes, thai, , toys

7) date info was entered, and date additional info entered

8) visits made to this MP or SP, observations, and MERB
observations. (rating)

9) optional: you can type the full ad in , or keywords in the ad.

When you search through a newspaper, all you have to do is search the last 4 digits of the phone number, this search will tell you if you have called this ad before, the date you called the ad and if you called again you could determine if the rates have gone up or if they are still in the biz ( I recommend that you call up a place only once every month or two at the max).
I have determined with the info in my personal data base that the prices in Montreal are being discounted. As recent as 2 years ago there were girls offering massages with HJ only ( no other service available ) for $60 for 30 minutes and $100 for 60 minutes. I do not think that the consumer would be interested at that price when new entries in the last 4 months indicate that massages with HJ can be had for as little as $45 / hour(HJ included).
You can do as many entries into the database as you want, it takes time to build up a useful and reliable data base.
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