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Nelly Arcan : The Movie



My guess is that it is going to be a very dark movie that will explore the physiological drama and mental state of people around Nelly and Nelly herself. Of course all that will be presented, or at least I hope, with a huge dose of Quebec culture. My second guess is that long segments of the movie will be narrated, instead of dialoged. That is, if the movie attempts to transfer to the reader the loneliness that the book does. No, unfortunately I haven't read the book. However, the reviews vary from "excellent" to "go take writing lessons" and from a sate of confusion to a clear picture. So the above are based on the reviews and my guesses. If anyone has a better image on the style of the movie, please post.

I never had the chance to meet Nelly when she was active, too bad for me! I hear she is a fantastic girl. Nevertheless, we have witnessed that the escort scene in Montreal has changed since she was active. So the movie may end up portraying an image of a Montreal (in)call girl that is long gone. At least I hope the director and cinematographer will give us a few shots of the Montreal neighborhoods that all of the stories in the book took place. Oh yes, and don’t forget those important Metro scenes that add mystery and despair.
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