I had the pleasure(or not) to try some services in Ottawa.

1) her name from the yellow pages. After making me drive around for 20 minutes I finally arrived at her appartment.

Dark hair.probably late 30's early 40"s. Nice body with man made breasts, sorry not too familiar with sizes...couple of handfulls or so.

When I arrived I saw a guy and some kid sitting in the living room. She directed me to the a bedroom.
Not much conversation just the usual stuff. In all honesty I am not much of a talker anyway.
On the phone she said $ 80 for the 1/2 hour and $100 for the hour. She looked ok so I gave her $100. She gave me twenty back and said " I don' t have an hour.
Since the $80 included FS I was ok with that.
She gave a joyless CBJ for about 3 minutes or so. I was trying to get my hands on her, but it was diffcullt because the way she positioned herself.
We then continued in missionary. First she was trying to pull " the trap" on me, once she realized that I was on to her, she let me
She had as much temperament as a piece of wood. Once I finished I got the hell out of there, I was glad when it was over.

Body: 3.5/4
Service: 0/5
Face: 2/5

Repeat: Hell no

2) Tokyo MP

Girls name ????
Price:$ 60 per 1/2 hour HJ +$20, CBJ +$40 Thai +$80 Ther might havebeen some other services, but I just couldn't understand her.
Place is plain but clean. Very Friendly.
She is a nice looking chinese(?) girl, a little on the chubby side, but nice.
Would have liked to talk to her, but she hardlly spoke any english.
Took the HJ. Very mechanical.

Body: 4/5
Service: 1/5
Face: 4/5 (disclaimer: I have a thing for asian girls)
Repeat: Maybe she will warm up after a couple of visits.

Thats all.

J. Peterman

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Feb 26, 2004
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You should have been tipped off..........

The guy and the kid in the other room should have told you something. As you left her building, did you see the guy dart out with a fist full of bucks on his way to the local crack dealer?
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