Politely Declining an SP?

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May 3, 2003
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How does one go about politely declining the services of an SP when what comes to your door isn't what you expected?

I have a terrible complex about hurting ones feelings by doing so. Is there an easy way to decline?


Apr 20, 2003
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my .002

In most cases if you do your dilligent research, you will usually be happy with first impression of the girl that you get, or at least know what to expect.

For some of the posters here, myself included , I like to try new adventures, girls who have not been reviewed, new places etc.
without these new reviews, the board would just be a continuous discussion of a few sp's and agencies.
we would have missed out on alot of good stuff.

Many of us take one for the team, or try something new from the agency, or someone from the spreadsheet, or go see a new girl at an incall, and sometimes are not happy with what we see / or get a bad vibe for the first impression.

If you are going to refuse it should be before she takes the money, and calls in.

every agency has a procedure for the girl being refused, and you are not the first one.

Usually this type of situation arises because the agency has misled you on the description of the young lady.
eg saying she is 22 when she is 35,
saying she is 125lbs when it is obvious she is 165. etc.
sometimes it is someone you have seen before under another name who you did not enjoy. sometimes she just doesn't tickle your fancy.

my personal aproach is to be polite, frank, and apologize for the inconvenience, tell her she looks like a very nice person, but tell her that she is not what I expected from the description I was given.
many agencies such as mjacues, asserv, etc have another one or 2 girls in the car, and will send another one up, other agencies will send someone up shortly etc.

Some clients give 20.00 to the girl as a way to make themselves feel better about turning her away, if it makes you feel better then do it.



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Nov 9, 2003
To turn down a girl from an agency, just call the agency as soon as she arrives and explain the problem. They will in turn ask to speak to the girl to tell her. This way you don't have to tell her yourself, and they will send someone else.

Most SP's realise that we are working with fantasy and don't take it personally.

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