rising plane ticket prices


Feb 24, 2005
Plane ticket prices have been ridiculous. For example, a round trip from ORD (Chicago) costs 500 USD. Anyone know of a good website to book tickets:) ?


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Apr 24, 2005
This one usually works well; they don't sell anything, just provide info.


Fuel prices are skyrocketing, so air fare follows.

Now, more than ever, you will have to be creative:

a) Try more alternate airports
b) Take advantage of airline specials - know when they come out
c) Study the trends and timing to make a good guess


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Jul 4, 2003
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It depends on where you want to go, and when. If you have a specific destination and date, try the usual suspects, Expedia, Travelocity etc. If you're not fussy, try the airlines own "vacation" websites. You can't really have an "absolute" destination in mind, so you might have to compromise. Example: It's Friday evening, you go to Air Soandso.com, have a look at what you can get to travel on Saturday morning. Last year I got a week in Mexico, a hotel on the beach with airfare, taxes, blah, blah blah, for $289! There are always cancelations at the last minute so take advantage. As I said, you have to have an open mind about the destination. I wanted the Dominican Republic, but for less than half of a full fare, I'm open to somewhere else.


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Dec 27, 2005
malboro_man said:
Plane ticket prices have been ridiculous. For example, a round trip from ORD (Chicago) costs 500 USD. Anyone know of a good website to book tickets:) ?
Go to Kayak.com and set up a username/password. Then you can get email alerts sent to your email address telling you availability, price, discounts, etc. You set up the criteria, so if you want specific dates you can put that in. I have it set up so that anytime there is a price of less than $200 roundtrip from NY it automatically sends me an email. Great for last minute or well in advance trips.



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Dec 12, 2005
It's the fuel!

yeah prices are going up. airline tickets, food, and why? Because the price of fuel. Pure and simple. As a lot of members who know me, know I work in the Airline business, and it arguably operates on the lowest profit margin of any industry. The facts are simple, the cost of flying a seat from point A to B is going up dramatically because of the cost of fuel. Airlines are trying to keep airborne by raising prices and cutting capacity and looking for other avenues of revenue. $ for checking extra luggage, $ increase in alcohol sales, even as far as $ for a can of soda for crap sakes. You will see other air carriers close down and park jets in the desert. Big airplane and small airplane operators, neither is immune to the crush. As far as finding a cheap seat? Yeah they are out there, I'd never heard of Kyack. Thanks for that one, I'll pass it on. The airline will typically sell as many as 5% of its seats on some flights real cheap so they can advertize it. They will be sold far in advance, but still advertized. Fair, unfair, who cares? Ideally there will be a balance, the right fare for the number of passengers it takes to make money. A lot of people won't be able to afford to fly any more. A lot of people right now can't even afford to ride a bus, Fact of life. So everybody suffers. People don't get to go to Disney World, or Las Vegas, New York, Montreal, and those economies take a hit as well. As long as the huge demand for the black gold around the world is so high, and supply and refinery capability is low, the prices will rise and the people will suffer. But I digress. Cheap seats... also try the individual airlines web sites. A lot of them promise the lowest fares, but again, you gotta book EARLY. cheers