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The next time someone sees Lara Roxx in person,.................. just give her a hug


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Jan 4, 2004
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As much as I feel for Lara, I still feel that we are the masters of our own domain.

S.H.E. made the decision to allow two dudes to stuff their cocks up her ass. They didn't rape her! As much as she makes them look like the culprits, she was catering to her own needs when she decided to go with the "double plumbing job" Why? Well, she said that she needed the money to pay for her plane ticket (??!!!!). I believe her. But I also believe that she may have decided to do this (2 dicks up her azz) to achieve fame or stardom. She was the new kid on the blokk, and she had to make herself known in San Fernando Valley!!!

This may have been her ticket!!

But if what she said was true and that she indeed didn't want to do the anal DP, then the fact that they cornered her by saying that they didn't need her for anything else, was totally not cool (and I'm sure they knew that she would eventually succumb, which she did)....but they did indeed give her the option to leave.

I understand that people make mistakes (and Lara did), but we must live and learn from our mistakes. Let's hope that with our medical coverage, Lara can live many, many years. Look at Magic Johnson!!!!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said "only when it is dark enough can we see the stars". I believe this.

I truly hope that Lara can turn her life around. May God bless her and give her nothing less than pure joy and happiness from this point forth.

And the next time any Merbite sees her. Do me a favour..... talk with her a bit. Give her your emotional support. Then give her a big hug!

This is what she needs.
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