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Urgent Advice Needed!!


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Apr 5, 2003
Down South
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I know that this may be wrong section, but please bear with me becuase I need some urgent advice.

I need to know whether Ritz Carlton is SP friendly?
Did anyone have any problems there?

E B Samaritano

Resident Sage Asshole
May 6, 2003
Silcon Valley, Ca. USA
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I'd avoid the place if I could...


The way that hotel is built, the damned elevators are apparently right across from the front desk. I remember that from a cursory check of the place several years ago. It was also widely reported online that late night guests do get hastled. It's a VIP hotel and that is to be expected. Literally everybody going up and down gets scrutinized. If you have a choice find somewhere else, especially if you are planning any late night activity. In that general area, I'd say the Omni, Le Germain, Sheraton, Chateau Champlain are a few of the better choices for the escort friendly aspect. On the aesthetic side, if you do stay at the Ritz Carlton, try the weekend brunch in the Garden. It's quite good. Ate there last weekend with one of FKS's finest..



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Jun 11, 2003
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It's kind of ironic that the Ritz would hassle SP's. For years, the Grand Prix bar downstairs was a place where gents could pick up well-dressed, classy, mature working ladies. I didn't always stay at the Ritz, but when I did, there was never any hassle. Of course, the ladies were probably well known to the hotel staff.

I picked up ladies there many times over the years. I was sorry when they closed it five or six years ago. Some of the ladies moved to the Hotel de la Montagne, but the bar there isn't nearly as intimate as the Grand Prix was.
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