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    detroit dying sadly, Ra's al Ghul will finish in Detroit what he didn't in Gotham.

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    Detroit died a long time ago when the Toyotas and Datsuns started hitting American shores.

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    I think Detroit's problems go way deeper than foreign cars. The local and state governments played a huge role in the city's decline.

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    At least Detroit has Erin Nicole on their local ABC affiliate. Even though I don't live there, I watch their news all the time and always keep up to date on their traffic situation thanks to this smoking hot babe: Erin has gained a few pounds and it is all gone to her chest.

    As a result I do watch the rest of the news too and the corruption in that City is just plain sad. The city has been hollowed out due to tax policy and well-off people have moved to the outlying communities, which exacerbated the decline. The local news has a segment called "City in Crisis" and they are not covering up their problems. It is such a proud City and I hope they get back on track with new emergency management.

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    In the 50s and 60s, Detroit was king. It was neglect and corruptions that killed a good thing.

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    After the city goes through bankruptcy court, gutting unsecured bond holders and union pension funds, it's possible for Detroit to have a fresh start. Much smaller. Hopefully, there are enough skilled people left to run the government. This should be a reminder that letting the government take care of you comes with a heavy price. There's no free lunch.

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