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Thread: Psychologist - sex therapist needed

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    Question Psychologist - sex therapist needed

    Hey Guys,

    I'd like to consult about my urges... Know of any good MALE psychologists (I don't want a sexy woman) / sex therapists in the Montreal / Laval area that speak French? I don't want to go to meetings and I would rather communicate in my first language.



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    Check out the Sex and Couples Therapy clinic at the Montreal General. Tell them you want a male therapist. You might be on the waiting list for a long time because most of the therapists are female.

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    Hey djizz can you share your problem with me after that I will help you because in todays era we find specialist for each and every part of our body so you have to tell me the exact problem that you are facing then I am definitely able to tell you the best sex therapist.

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