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Thread: What are your sp review habits?

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    What are your sp review habits?

    Hi all

    Since this is review board what are your review habits ?
    Same day of encounter a few days later a few weeks later ?
    Thanks for sharing?



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    I used to review right after the meeting, cause i would still be in the right feeling she left me in... Back then i came to MTL only for SPs, i stayed alone at the hotel or got out in a bar again alone later. But now i know more poeple so often i just do something about my meeting... and also lots of time the freaking internet don't work, wich annoys me badly...

    But i think writing your review right after an encounter really gives a better feeling of how you felt weeks later it become a memory... and when you have seen lots of SP, they tend to fade away quicker... I would recomand even if you don't want to post your review after a meeting to not be identify... write it so... and keep it on words or something :P
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