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Thread: How do you guys deal with the danger of falling for an SP?

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    Question How do you guys deal with the danger of falling for an SP?

    how do you seal with the emotional aspect? And have you ever had an experience where you felt the SP was really genuinely into you?

    I'm struggling with htis at the moment.

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    There is a thread of the same subject just below... check it out
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    Just don't. There are plenty of free girls to start a healthy relationship out there. It is poor judgement to start something with a girl doing this line of work.

    If your only goal is to have fun go ahead but don't put your heart on the line, you will get hurt. If you have those thoughts it is time to switch girls. Don't visit her for a while. I've dated a few escorts, believe me, it's nothing but disapointment. I've also seen a few from being an escort driver myself and the picture they sell to the customers is very different from what really goes on behind the scenes. Just have some fun and nothing more.

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    There's already a thread dealing on this subject,

    Thread closed.

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