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Thread: Judas Priest-Kind of Disappointing...

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    Judas Priest-Kind of Disappointing...

    Was at the Bell Center last night to see the rock band Judas Priest. Even if I had been listening to them for some 20 years, it was my first time seeing them. They were playing in the "Bell Theater", so the stage was in the middle of the ice rink. Surprisingly, the 2 upper decks were closed and the red section wasn't even all sold. So maybe there was 5-6,000 in attendance.( Somebody can correct me if my numbers are off).

    Performance wise, It was so-so. The sound was good, but the vocals were at times really too loud. And for a heavy metal band, I was surprise that the guys didn't moved around the stage that much. Energy wise, there was something missing. At times, people were just sitting down and not reacting that much. It's like the synergie between the band & the crowd really got into gear only past the 3/4 mark into the set. There was a lot more excitment in the air at shows by Maiden, Aerosmith and Motley Crew.

    Mind you, I'm not knocking them as a band. They are talented musicians and it shows that they have a lot of experience. But like I said, there was no spark, that little something that makes you say: Wow!, that was an incredible concert.

    If other Merbites were there last night, please tell me if you got the same impression as me of the show.

    Stud out...

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    I was not at the priest show but i was at the maiden show and let me tell you it was the most energetic, enthusiastic and loudest concert that i have ever been too, the bell centre must have been sold out because i did not see a empty seat and everybody was on thier feet rocking and moshing in the stands, i like it when a singer moves around alot and and gets the crowd really into it, ex: Bruce Dickenson, Cory Taylor, Derek Green, etc.

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    Could someone give me some info on the Montreal rock band " priestess"? Apparently they could become a major international rock band. They are about to release their first album .

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    Thumbs down heavy-metal show

    Hi all
    i went last saturday night at the CEPSUM college Édouard-Montpetit
    for the AUDIOSLAVE concert,
    it was a fantastic show 2 opening bands plus Audioslave for $55.35

    it's a new heavy band made of
    the lead singer is from Soundgarden
    the drummer is from Temple of the dog
    the guitarist is from Rage against the machine
    the bass player is from ? Pearl jam maybe

    my view for the show:
    5000 fans plus 1 big mush-pit on the center floor,fantastic guitar player,
    great sound ,no extra smoke-fire-in your face fireworks.

    if you like the kind of musik that came out of Seatle a few years ago like
    nirvana,Stone temple pilots,Alice in chains
    go bye the 2 CD's from Audioslave you wont be disapointed

    Moby Dick

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    I was a Priest fan when they were at their peak back in the late 70's/early 80's. However, 25 years or so later, i can't get into that kind of music anymore.

    I made the trek to TO last Monday and attended the Paul McCartney concert. Very good concert...very nostalgic. Macca played a lot of Beatles' tune and it felt great singing along to "Hey Jude", "Yesterday", and "Let it Be." The show lasted well over 2 hrs long and McCartney spent the most part of the concert standing at center-stage with his guitar and singing the various hits from the past and present.

    This concert doesn't beat Springsteen, U2 & the Eagles, but it was still very good. In his early 60's, he doesn't look a day over 50 and still has a lot of energy. On a side-note....near the end of the show, the Peel Police Pipe Band came on stage when he sang "Mull of Kintyre". It will be the only time during this tour that he'll play that song. I believe it's an old Irish ballad that he covered during his Wings' days. Anyways, i only found this out on the following day, but hockey analyst and former NHL goaltender Glenn Healey was among that group, quilt and backpipes and all.....he mentionned on the following day that it was possibly the greatest experience he's ever had.

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