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Thread: Indie SP visited by LE

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    Question Indie SP visited by LE

    One of my ATF got a visit by an investigator of the morality squad of SPVM, he rang her bell she didn't answer so he left his card

    Is this the first victim of Bill C 36 or just a complaint? There is no drugs or underage girls there.

    Anyone else got a visit recently ?

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    Unbelivable does LE....she should give them the Number of a Tim Hortons ...Really sorry for her !!!
    Just to tell her to be veryyyy careful if it is real or fake!!!
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    Who cares. If she's not underage, doing/selling drugs or the victim of a John the state should butt out.

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    What does she have to worry about? My understanding of the new law is that the advertising and selling of services as an indie is perfectly legal. Am I wrong?

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    Selling her services is not legal, only selling her time is legal. This is real, she is going to contact them Monday morning, she called Friday eve. but no answer.

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    Selling her services is 100% legal. Buying her services is not. It's somewhat surprising that after 1000s of posts on C-36, this is still not clear to all.

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    I know if seems liked splitting hairs, but selling sex is illegal under c-36 with the selling party being held harmless from arrest and prosecution. One worry about this distinction is that it gives the police tremendous power to contact service providers who may be a "witness to a crime" (even if the service provided correctly believes that no crime exists). The existence of a possible crime potentially allows them to constantly harass sex workers while searching for someone to arrest (other than the sex worker). Hopefully that is not the case here.

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    As johnhenry mentioned, selling sex is legal(though it's illegal in certain areas, and advertising is as well), but buying is illegal. I've heard of LE calling ladies or fake booking with them to come by, but only just to talk with them and make sure everything's okay, not to charge them in any way. Especially if he left his card, he was probably just passing along his info so she knows that if anything ever happens, she has the information of someone she can contact.
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    When the crappy law came into place, many sps & groups claimed that it would lead many of them to go underground & that the crappy law would actually make their working conditions more dangerous. I've yet to meet a cop who either gives a shit or supports that new 'law'. All it does if required to enforce it is to give them more work & that's the last thing they want.

    It's quite possible that this particular cop's intentions are good & he's simply looking out for the sp's well-being and to make sure everything is safe & he also may have left his number in case she'd ever require advice or assistance.

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    I know none of us should jump to conclusions, but I have a theory on this incident.

    Does she do incall at her residence?

    If she does, one of her neighbors may have called LE and complained that they saw many men go to her address and that they suspect that there is prostitution going on at her address.

    Because the change in the law, even though she would be immune under C-36, her clients would not be. And if neighbors start to complain that they see a lot of "male" traffic going to a particular residence, LE may feel that they need to respond to the complaint.

    I think you may see complaints and this type of response in the future. FYI, many prostitution arrests in the US are response to complaints by various constituents or customers at hotels. And many is because LE just want to increase their arrest records also.

    But I bet neighbors may have complained. It will be interesting what they say to her when she does call.
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    Doc I don't think it was a social call, they were 2 men in suits, she has cameras that record.

    Daydreamer probably nailed it, probably a complaint by a neighbour, I will probably stay away for awhile.

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    Hello all

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamer69 View Post
    Doc I don't think it was a social call, they were 2 men in suits, she has cameras that record.
    Two men in suits a the stage of the complaint ?
    Normally a complaint brings in traffic constables

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamer69 View Post
    Daydreamer probably nailed it, probably a complaint by a neighbour, I will probably stay away for awhile.
    If she changes incall place its unlikely that she is being tailed ,
    Every situation is different,but when I was operating incalls and changed places the police did not bother even if they had complaints at the old venue

    Good Luck



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    She may be contravening the law not by selling sex, but by doing it close to a school, church or kindergarten. It could be that there was a complaint by a neighbor.

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    I called her to find out, seems like there is an investigation with the next door neighbour,

    and they wanted to know if she saw or heard anything. This means I can go see her again.

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    So this was just a false alarm? But like AmberRose said, sometimes they do ''courtesy calls''. Not sure if that's something they actually do in Montreal, but I've heard a lot about it in other cities (especially where escorts are licensed). I would not be worried if it happened. Police know full well what escorts do and they don't care. It is not an enforcement priority here. If an SP was bothering neighbors I would bet they would try to solve this without the hassle of cracking down on her business.
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