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Thread: European country with most liberal attitudes towards sex

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    European country with most liberal attitudes towards sex

    I think it's Germany but somebody might argue French or Spanish girls are more social and sexual. Some might even say England. Any comments?. Depends on the city too where you are in that country and hangouts/bars, I guess.

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    Brits after a few drinks?
    At least from my experiences with foreign students...
    o . o . b . e

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    Look behind you.
    I used t go to Germany every 5 years to visit relatives and yes German women are very liberal, one trip we went to Poland for 4 days...................... nice, made the German women look tame.

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    I was walking around Amsterdam a few years back, admiring the canal houses and such after having an odd tasting muffin for breakfast at a cafe, when a beautiful smiling woman behind a large glass window beckoned me to come inside, and that's what I did. It might have all been a dream though, as I went back to same area that night and the women all looked nasty and the streets smelled like piss.

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    No way is it the French. They have their own version of the Nordic model with johns busted often charged with pimping. Italy is the same way. No sex for sale as my friend said "but a we got the popa." If you cannot buy sex in that country than they do not have a loberal attitude toward sex.

    It would have to be one of four places. The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, or Spain. All have a very good and robust sex industry. I'm going with Germany because of the FKK nudist movement. Love it.

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