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Thread: Should we change the term "hobby" for something else?

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    Should we change the term "hobby" for something else?

    Hi all!

    I am wondering here if the terms "hobbying" and "hobbyist" are the best descriptions for what we all are a fan of on this board?

    I say that because I have read some SPs conversations on Twitter who do not like (at all!) this appellation, as well as a couple of SPs that I have seen personally.

    I guess the problem lies not with word in itself ( people can call themselves what they want after all!) , but more because of the connotation : when I think about a hobby, I imagine someone collecting stamps, or painting miniature soldiers, etc.
    If I am correct, by using that word we seem to be equating seeing escorts or courtesans as something as trivial as having butterfly collection, meaning that we equate people to things.
    I used the term myself in other posts because I have seen it used a bunch elsewhere, but I didn't know that this term could be "charged" so to speak ( I am new to this field after all, still "learning the ropes"!).

    So if the word we are using to describe our activity can be offensive to the ones who provide the said activity, should we change it?
    And so, for what?

    Do you have suggestions for a new term, that would be more respectful or just more neutral?
    "Clients", "Guests", "Aficionados", etc.

    Any SP wiiling to comment on this matter would be more than welcome!

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    I have never liked the term either. What is the word the French use for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagerBeaver View Post
    I have never liked the term either. What is the word the French use for it?
    Well even in the French section of MERB people use the term "hobbyiste" to describe themselves! So it's the same thing!
    As a joke between me and my friends, when I go see courtesans, I use the expression " Je vais courtiser en fin de semaine!", which translates to : "I'm going courting this week-end!"

    But Mr EagerBeaver, as a veteran of the field, would you have a suggestion for a more adequate name for our activity?

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    Pooner? called like that in the rest of Canada Punter?UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splotch View Post
    Do you have suggestions for a new term, that would be more respectful or just more neutral?
    "Clients", "Guests", "Aficionados", etc.
    I always prefer "connaisseur". It sounds more professional, subtle, and a lot less cheap.

    Quote Originally Posted by VictoriaJolie View Post
    Oooooooooookay. Well, that's directly to the point. You know, you could be just my kinda girl. I like women who are very intelligent, playful, and not afraid to show a streak of naughty inside.
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    I often compare having a SP to going to the restaurant. You chose what's on the menu and you can go to McDonalds or go to a great restaurant. You will never call someone whos going for dinner often a hobbyist. it's not a hobby or un ''passe-temps'' in french. It's more for an experience. So i would call them ''les expérienceurs''

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    What about calling us "Bootyologists"? I certainly won't mind because that's what I am and I have my degree in it.

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    I'm with NYC on this one. Bootyologisits is a great term :P

    I call everyone who see's me a guest. They are coming into my space, and I am greeting them. They are a guest fir an hour or two.

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    Hobbyist is too soft indeed.

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    I have always considered myself a Boobologist.

    Yes, I have heard some of this. Check out Hillary Holiday. She retweeted the term "Slobbyists" Some of the shit that they tweet is ridiculous. It is clear that they do not like us as a group and yet their livelihood depends on us. I think she had a falling out with TER after some bad reviews. I like to read these tweets because these SPs (wait..they don't like this term either) are not getting my 500$.

    I can't stand people that are all caught up in semantics and are offended by every word. You have to tip toe around them and the term they like changes almost daily and they are allowed to fly into a rage.

    You know what they say about a pig. You can put lip stick on it and it is still a pig.

    Bottom Line: Avoid SPs (or whatever they want to be called for the moment) with bad attitudes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    I have always considered myself a Boobologist
    I am the President of the club

    Best Regards
    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Words matter, and in fact words go a long way to creating reality. What you call a sex act (fucking, making love, etc) will determine the meaning of it. As a wordsmith, I would love to hear people's suggestions. I agree that "hobby" is problematic, but I assume that part of the logic is to make it sound like a friendly, congenial activity; most importantly, the word moves the activity away from its obvious (and very real) business or even mercenary associations, creating a connotation that, while perhaps offensive in its way, is nevertheless skirting the legal and professional implications.

    The business or hobby or whatever is obviously filled with all kinds of euphemisms, and SPs use them just as often as clients--words such as courtesan, companion, etc. Even "escort" is a euphemism. As we all know, the term preferred by professional groups is "sex worker"; and yet that's a term that undermines the (fantasy of) shared pleasure and intimacy. I want to see an attractive companion, not pay a sex worker; and yet I also want to appreciate and respect the work that I'm paying for. Complicated.

    So I assume that the OP is trying to think of a term that would allow us to see the experience as pleasurable (rather than merely professional) and intimate (rather than just sexual), and is respectful to the women who work (or, er, play?) in the profession. ...

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    Sugar Daddy, but I'm not wealthy, but I kinda like "Hobby", IMHO.

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    This being a "Hobby" has more to do with the time you spent reading reviews, researching, comparing notes that lead up to the encounter than the meeting itself. It just consumes your spare time and keeps you busy like collecting stuffed animals and hockey cards.

    I don't like the word courtesan, companion, or escort because once you get rid of all the fluff theses girls are just prostitutes!
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splotch View Post
    something as trivial as having butterfly collection
    Do you have any concept of how offensive these words are to anyone with interest in lepidopterology?

    Please, leave the hypocrisy on titter and also show some respect for the smart ladies that make the Montreal market so fantastic; if they don't feel comfortable regarding the amount of importance a client is placing on their relations then they can do something about it. If anything, use of the word hobby probably helps those guys that take themselves much too seriously.

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