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Thread: You and STDs, help the others!

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    You and STDs, help the others!

    A survey in another board (TER) show that 49% of the guys have somehow experienced Sexualy Transmitted Diseases (STDs). This is an important issue and there are a few threads about it in this board too.
    What I want to suggest here is that those guys who have some how experienced STDs, share it with the others:
    What would you do if you have to chance to get back in time? was there any symptoms in the SP that you ignored? Did you inform the others through a board?...
    I think it is not a bad idea that those who are aware that a SP has STD inform the others. But as this could be serious allegations too, we should be very careful. Tell me what do you think.



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    Just as important, if anyone reading this thread has an STD, you need to stay out of the game... and if you insist on playing, you need to disclose and act responsibly.

    Don't fuck it up for the rest of us, ya know? :-)

    Your mileage may vary... mine did!

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    STD's and the Hobby

    Many carriers of stds don't even know they have them. They are assymptomatic.

    I strongly recommend to anyone who is serious about hobbying that he get regular check-ups to make sure he is std free. At the very least, once a year. The very least.....i've known several people in my lifetime that were in for a surprise during a visit to their doctor or at a clinic.

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    Post Do the smart thing.

    Originally posted by oliver kloseoff

    anyone in our sport dont waste your time with general practicioners
    they know shit about mts
    Males in this hobby should be testing about once every 6 months according to my dr. She says half the test should be done, 6 months later the other half and a full pelvic exam every 6 months.
    Oliver and Anik have made some very good points; I used to visit my GP for STD testing and the testing for the most part was limited to asking a couple of general questions like "Whether I noticed any skin abnomalities around my genitals or experienced any pain while urinating?", followed by a urine test. This might be fine for the non-hobbyist with several off and on relationships but hobbying is a high-risk activity and more comprehensive testing is a must; those who claim that seeing an SP is as safe as picking up a non-pro at some club need a reality check. While I haven't caught anything yet, I'm mentally prepared for the day that I might get a nasty bug and a regular schedule of comprehensive check-ups is an invaluable tool in ensuring that the nasty bug won't do any real damage.

    Any hobbyist who isn't ready to deal with possible STDs is just setting himself up for more problems, most STDs are highly treatable and the social stigma attached to them is largely perpetuated by ignorant prudes. Also, its pretty much a sure thing that the longer you delay treatment, the worse its going to get, a lot worse.

    There's also the issue of vaccination, for those of you who haven't gotten at least your Hepatitis B shots (I also recommend getting the Hep A shots to be safe), that's just plain stupid, I repeat STUPID!!!!! They don't cost much and are fairly convenient whereas the things that those poor souls who contract Hepatitis B have to undergo are frankly, really terrifying.

    Regardless of one's views on the responsibility that the individual hobbyist has towards the rest of the community, I'm pretty sure these views don't include being stupid and screwing oneself.
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    Full pelvic exam? How do you mean?

    Also, is there a particular clinic that you would recommend? I usually get tested once a year, since I only see a handful of SP's per year, but I agree, everyone on should be careful for the sake of themselves and everyone else.

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