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Thread: Any Predictions For Strip Clubs After Smoking Ban?

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    Any Predictions For Strip Clubs After Smoking Ban?

    I know that as a non-smoker, I will definitely go to strip clubs more often once the smoking ban comes into effect. Any predictions on how the scene will change?

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    I dont see why it would have an effect. I don't smoke either, but if I did smoke, I wouldn't go to a strip club in order TO smoke.

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    positive for the clients less smoke on clothes nicer atmosphere but sucks ass for the girls if they smoke. I am thinking that many girls going to be hiding more in the bathroom changing room any place the boss will let them smoke and that means hard times for a while until everyone is use to it then normal again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    now i will come home at the end of the night and i wont smell like a fucking ashtray
    smokers feel they have all the rights in the world-
    the most inconsiderate ignorant bunch--they will mostly all get lung cancer and die and feel the need to take others with them.
    i drink and the by product of my hobbie is i have to piss well i dont go piss allover people
    thought the thought of doing this to chain smokers has crossed my mind

    I thought I was radical when it came to smokers, but you are even more so than I am. My clothes smelling of smoke is a pain, but not as much as my coughing up smoke the next day (yes, that's what it feels like), so I have to limit my time at Cleo's). I'm looking forward to June 1st.

    I was talking to a girl at Cleo's who has asthma and uses a puffer...but she still smokes. I got away with telling her she was a fool as we get on great.

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    Hello !

    a little light reading about the Smoking Ban - Bill 112
    (sorry if this varies off Topic) ......

    Bar, restaurant owners vow to fight patio smoking ban
    Tough Ontario rules become law May 31
    Dave Rogers, The Ottawa Citizen
    Published: Friday, March 03, 2006

    Canada Quebec smoking ban challenged
    Posted on Sunday, April 02 @ 10:38:20

    End of a smokey era
    ARCHIVES: Apr 13-19.2006

    Most bar owners seem at ease as the tobacco ban hits Montreal’s nightlife

    Sitting on a stool at a small bar on St-Laurent and Duluth, the owner looks around and starts counting.

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    I fully agree with Oliver. I never heard it that way before, but it makes total sense. I have thought that if I spit(dirty, rude, disrespectful) on a smoker giving off second hand smoke(dirty,rude, disrespectful, & causes cancer and other health issue) it would be justified.

    It is really a no brainer to at least ban smoking in public establishments. This is not something you look back at 10 years down the road and go "oh yeah, that was not bright to subject people to second hand smoke back then". This is common knowledge now. So what took so long?

    My other beliefs on smoking:

    A non-smoker should pay less than a smoker for health insurance.

    Smoking should be banned altogether.
    - If you are worried about where else to tax, how about twinkies (fat tax) and alcohol( I drink, but not a bunch).

    If smoking is not banned, it should be on a smoker to find a place out of range from non-smokers to smoke.

    Smokers are similar to crack heads in a way: addicted and slowly killing themselves. Smokers are a little more functional in society.

    I am slightly opinionated on the subject, probably because like many others have seen smoking kill family members.


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    smoking ban..

    I totally agree wiuth this law even though I smoke some times. Most people have the habit to smoke when the drink beer in Bar.. this will probably help them to smoke less and get rid of the habit. And when i come home from cleo i dont have to put all my cloths in the laundry basket becuase they smell like an ashtray .When is this law effective? since it was posponed ?

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    I really love all the holier than thou non-smokers. I smoke, I consume a legally available product that is extremely taxed. Smokers pay more money into the system than they will ever cost the health system in expenses. If the gov't had any real desire to solve the health problems they would ban cigarettes all together. But they are too addicted to the extra cash flow. In the same way that they are addicted to the income from gambling. We have a gov't that preaches against both but is only too happy to rake in the profits. You don't hear me bitching about all the obesely overweight people who sit down to a lunch of 4 big macs and a jumbo frites at McDo's. Or those who routinely put all their money into vlt's and end up at the food banks so that they can eat. Or those who drive huge SUV's that spew more polution into the atmosphere in a day than a smoker will in his lifetime.

    I have no problem with banning smoking in restaurants. In fact I usually sit in the non-smoking section. But bars are a different thing. At least when I smoke I can't smell the hideous body odor of the drunk at the next table. Or their over applied cologne or perfume.

    As far as the original question is concerned...I will pretty much stop frequenting bars of any kind unless they have an outside terasse where I can consume my legally purchased product along with my other legally purchased product, alcohol. The way things are going bars won't be able to serve booze because someone may drive drunk and kill someone.

    Oh, if any non-smoker would ever decide to spit on me or do anything else for that matter, he would find himself in urgent need of our wonderful health care system. Paid for by smokers' tax money.

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    NO Smoking SCs a pleasure in Ottawa

    Whenever I'm in Ottawa, I visit some of their strip clubs and it's such a pleasure to come out without any smoke (don't have to take a late shower before going to bed). I know that some of the girls still smoke - probably in the dressing room since I can still smell it on some of them. But the club area and the booths are smoke free. Looking forward to this situation in Quebec.

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    It has already hurt the clubs, bars and coffee shops - no way would I get into the business.
    Most don't have smoking rooms so now they'll all go up in smoke together when the full ban comes into effect. You won't see enough non smokers come out to replace the people that have already left, they're busy cycling and jogging in the traffic fumes.

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    Interesting variety of replies. I am a smoker so I guess I'll be going out less as of June.
    Montreal Moose, just so you know, I DO pay more for health and life insurance. Alchoholics are more like crackheads than smokers though, barely functioning after a few "hits". They too are killing themselves and others as they drive home. And I'm afraid I don't know of anybody losing their job because of cigarettes.
    Oliver, I certainly don't feel I have all the rights in the world when I have to go outside for a smoke in January. But that's just fine by me, since I work about an hour less per day than everybody else, for the same money.
    I agree that most smokers are inconsiderate, and I am well aware of the risks to my health, as well as to others. That's why I try not to smoke around people who don't. When I go to a club I sit off somewhere by myself if possible, if not, I keep it to a minimum(yes I do think of others). I do however have rights too.
    As for those people who think they are more Catholic than the Pope, feel free to piss up a rope and suck the wet end. That should take care of the evil smokey taste in your mouths.
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    My truly theorie on this one!

    The truth about ban smoking in public places is it will cost less to gov. to put on that law instead of applying rules to make sure that the ventilation system work well. Above that, in a couple of years from now, the gov. will have subvention a part of the fee to assure that those same ventilation system get replaced or clean (witch I no there is no such good way than replace the docs) because the gov. will have prepared themself for that request from any kind of building owners. And it's not only because those ventilation system aren't working enougth. It also about the increasing of the moulds!
    For the business, it has already been proof that it will only get better.
    I just feel sorry for those people that will have to hide and freeze during winter to have a cigarette!

    Now why do I say this! Because I have been in places before where the ventilation system was working full capacity and you could barly smell cigarette odore in the places because it was rigth away suck up by it!

    Just my 2 cents!
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    Patrons will start hanging off the poles, pandemonium everywhere ...

    That's what will happen when you cut off the nicotine.

    Cigarettes and beer are like Simon and Garfunkel, fries and ketchup, Clark Kent and Lois, etc..

    These 2 items cannot be separated ...

    A sucker is born every NY minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtwallet
    Alchoholics are more like crackheads than smokers though, barely functioning after a few "hits". They too are killing themselves and others as they drive home. And I'm afraid I don't know of anybody losing their job because of cigarettes.
    How true. In the short term, cigarettes actually increase mental acuity. (Maybe I should start smoking No) Niccotine, like caffeine, is a proven synapse enhancer. Alcohol on the other hand, slows both your reflexes and the synapses in your brain.
    Unfortunately, cigarettes are about the most physically addictive drug available either legally or illegally. They also literally shorten your life by an average of almost 15 minutes for every cigarette smoked.
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    According to a bartender at Stogies on Crescent...

    the ban will not effect them or other Cigar lounges which existed before 2005. This seems to be the metaphorical "bone" that has been thrown to smokers in Montreal, if you want to smoke at least you can go to a "Cigar" lounge. In my state you are "SOL and JWF" if you smoke.
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